The Longest Slumber

As I walked into their land, whispers of the spirits couldn’t be missed. They had a story to tell and they would tell it to anyone who would listen.
“They would slyly see him kiss her. Those creepers, shrubs and tendrils that grew outside the window. They took turns watching them love each other. They couldn’t understand for the life of them how someone could hold so much love.
They grew beside the window more out of curiosity than from the food they had. Love was their food.

But soon they were crowding before the window not to drink in all the love, but to conceal those beautiful angels of love. They had to be protected from the forces that were against their love. From the ones that hunted lovers like them, dragged them across the street, tortured them and burned them.

For love was always the fuel for conflict. And so they grew thicker and prayed that the couple will never be found. They covered their hiding place in thick greenery. They protected them day in and day out until one night, at the dead, dark hour, those evil men hacked the bushes, shrubs and creepers, and barged into their hiding place.

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