Nothingness that Enbraces Me


That long lost memory that resurfaces
Like a blow on your face,
And you are torn between wondering
Where the memory has been all this time
And the intensity of it.
You feel it all,
The way you felt it for the first time.

Only to feel so deeply and do nothing

That important thought that comes
As a revelation just before you wake up,
Deep down you know it’s so so important
Yet, you aren’t conscious enough to hold on to it
You drift back to sleep,
as it slips between your fingers
and out of reach.

Only to wake up and have nothing.

That idea that comes to you in your shower
With soap in your eyes,
With no access to paper,
But the idea just engulfs you,
All you can do is
marvel at your creation
And try to memorize every detail.

Only to step out of the shower and remember nothing.

That turn you take and lose your way,
Because it’s too familiar, too similar
To a path in another lifetime.
You take a step forward
The familiarity fades,
yet you shudder.
And suppress your emotions.

Only to realize that you have forgotten nothing.

That is how that person is, who becomes your world.
Whom you paint memories with,
All around your city,
in that theatre,
On that bench facing the waters.
You find the paint fading,
Over time, gradually, yet painfully.

Only to be left behind in a city tainted with his memories. #Peeling paint.

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