Little Ways of Finding Happiness and Achieving Goals

What makes you happy?

The other day, I met a random stranger at a plant shop. We got to talking and since I was new to handling plants, she gave me some plant related tips. Later, I would go to the ATM to withdraw cash and meet her there again. We started walking from there and then she tells me that she is from Kerala. The conversation has already gotten happier when she tells me that she is a full time blogger! What are the chances of meeting an established blogger from your place, right when you have decided not to blog anymore? She tells me not to quit and gives me solid reasons for the same.


I have been doing A Happiness Challenge – A Few Handpicked Happiness – on Instagram during the month of May 2019. Today happens to be the 22nd day and I can’t emphasize enough as to how much has changed between the me, 22 days ago and the me, today. In fact, I am writing this blog post because I got that message from the Universe, asking me not to quit blogging.

What is A Few Handpicked Challenge all About?

It started out as a 31 Day Challenge wherein I decided I would put up posts on:

• Things that made me happy,
• Things I am grateful for and,
• New things/habits that I have been wanting to do.

Why is it a ‘Challenge’?

Try doing it daily and then you will know.

Should We Do it Daily?

We are trying to make a pattern in our happiness, constantly finding the blessings in our lives, and looking at the brighter side of things. We are trying to form habits and without maintaining a rhythm, these things won’t happen. So yes, you need to look for happy things in your mundane life on a daily basis.


A Really good chat place that I found
A Really good chat place that I found

What are Your Goals with This Challenge?

Apart from finding happiness and counting my blessings, I am strongly focusing on the new habits/ things part. For instance, I started with going to the gym. I decided that if I go to the gym, it will be in the mornings so that I can tackle my waking up late issues. I badly wanted to wake up early and so I coupled the two habits.

Since it has only been 2 weeks since I started gym, I wanted the pains to subside before I started my next routine which will be meditation. The moment I get back from the gym, I’ll meditate for 15 minutes. Once that becomes a routine, my next aim is to add writing to it. With this I would have taken care of my time management, my body, my mind and my passion. What a beautiful way to start a day!


How Does this Challenge Help?

    • It helps only if you decide that you need help and are determined to see it through for One month.
  • Unlike a New Year’s Resolution, the thought that you need to do this for the rest of your life, doesn’t weigh you down.
  • I have a clearer picture of my goals and I am focusing on drawing a route map for them. The base of this route map is, making changes to the routine.

I started waking up early, going to the gym, I have new plants in my room and I feel more at home and happy. All this because, I decided that these things should be a part of my life and decided to work for them for 30 days straigIf I need to write a book, I need to sit and write daily. I need to make it a routine and this is where the challenge is helping me.


Should We Take This up on Social Media?

Not necessarily. But you must keep a note of it at least in your journal or on your phone. The benefits of social media are manifold:

  • What you do could inspire someone else.
  • They could encourage you and push you with the challenge, and
  • You could have other people join you. Groups make these things more fun.

I have a few friends joining me in the challenge, my colleagues ask me why I haven’t put up the Day’s post yet and some even tell me that they could relate to it. References to the challenge help you and push you further.

So if you liked the idea of this challenge, I urge you to start this right away or in the beginning of next month. I assure you it will not disappoint you.

My sister’s scribblings in her cupboard that I found

Is there anything else you do for happiness and achieving goals? Do you think you’ll take this up?

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