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Life in the time of Coronavirus

31st March 2020

I haven’t left my house in fourteen days! I am not allowed to leave the house. No one is. Not just in my home, but in my district, in the State or in the Country. There is a nation-wide curfew that has been declared.

I wake up at 11 am, to silence.

The day has already begun and I moan as I see the time. I wanted to wake up at 8 am, do some exercise and feel the fresh morning air. But every night, I keep the alarm and switch it off immediately. What am I going to do anyway after waking up at eight in the morning?

Amma is a Bank Manager and so, work from home isn’t an option for her. Those in the essential services can leave the house provided they have proof. We’d want her to stay at home, safe, like us. But that is not an option for her. However, these days she only has to go on alternate days. She leaves for office by 9 am and returns by 5 pm.

My sister on the other hand, works from home and so, of the 3 bedrooms in the house, she has turned one into her office, temporarily. She works until about 5 or 6 pm. My Dad’s company, not being an essential sector is closed for now and work from home isn’t an option for his job profile. So he spends his day reading newspaper, doing chores, watching TV and YouTube videos, practicing his drums, reading spiritual books or sleeping. During evenings he watches the CM’s press release and then goes out for a walk, just around the apartment.

Now, for me. I am between jobs and so I do not have a work from home situation. I have the whole day to myself which means all those things I have wanted to do, I can do them now! So though not in this order, my day consists of any combination of painting, reading, singing, writing, and exercising (when I finally convince myself to). A life that I have dreamt of I would say. But just one small glitch. I cannot leave the house.

Nobody leaves the house unless it is absolutely necessary. The maid doesn’t come, the lady who collects the waste doesn’t come, and the milk guy doesn’t come. Even if someone does go out, we ensure that we don’t touch them when they are back. He/she is supposed to wash his/her hands with soap, for twenty seconds. When we order food, we are wary of the contact with the food delivery guy. We immediately dispose the covers and wash our hands with soap, for twenty seconds.

I am living in an apartment that generally gets super-noisy due to all the children. These days, I hear the birds clearer than ever, the canal and the woods from my window look so eerie and unbelievably beautiful and if you sit quietly and listen, you can hear the silence trying to communicate to you.

A view from My Apartment
Nature thriving during these times


Suppose someone tells you that you can have just about anything that you want in your life, but on one condition. You cannot leave the house. Will you take it?

I’m pretty sure people who have been through 2020 will say a loud and clear NO.

All of this is the doing of a virus that erupted in a market in Wuhan, China in Dec 2019. And we thought apocalypse meant screaming monsters, floods and mass earthquakes!



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