Day 8 of Quarantine

Here’s Day 8 of Quarantine for you.

Finally I had gotten a break.
I can now read, watch movies,
write, paint…
Wasn’t that the dream?

I’ll admit, it was fun in the beginning.
There were jokes.
Lots of them.
Gradually it stopped being fun.
I started thinking.
It was like a mass time out
that God had given to all of us.
To think.
To reflect!

It took me seven days to get here,
to this point.
To think about how lucky we are
to be able to stay at home,
safe while the cops scour the streets
day in and day out,
and the doctors and nurses tend to the ill,
putting their own lives at risk.
Then I began thinking of how
I’ve running water and soap
to wash my hands,
how I’ve a roof above my head
and enough space for social distancing,
how my life won’t just stop all at once
if I don’t work for a month,
how at some point,
all of this
stopped being a joke.

How right now,
in one part of the same world
there’s a grandmother in a hospital
yearning to see her grand children one last time.
There’re children
begging to be with their parents
or at least talk to them over the phone,
and there’s a nurse whose heart’s breaking,
And considering giving her phone.
There are doctors and nurses
choosing who’ll die
because they really don’t have enough resources
to cater to anyone.
Imagine having to choose
Who gets to live (die) today.
Imagine just laying there in a hospital with
no loved ones around
and waiting to die.
I am not among them!
And I didn’t even do anything
to deserve this luxury I have right now!
In return,
all I am asked,
And guess what!?
I’ve the luxury
to whine.

About staying at home!


The Featured image was an art installation from Kochi Muzuris Biennale 2018 and I couldn’t help but see the strong resemblance to The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Today’s series suggestion for you – The Good Place (Netflix). It is a light hearted watch.

This post is a part of April A2Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter. Every day of April, I will be publishing one post on the Theme, ‘Life in the time of Coronavirus’. If you like my writings, you can also follow me on Instagram at @afew.handpickedthings.

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  1. Namratha Varadharajan

    That artwork looks gruesome. The poetry was hard hitting and absolutely true

  2. Shilpa Garg

    True, to stay at home with stocked pantry, 24×7 entertainment with all the comforts is a luxury indeed and still we have people cribbing about it. They are just not getting the seriousness of this pandemic and the effect on those who are suffering and those who are trying to save them.

  3. Sinjana (@backpacknxplore)

    A very poignant poem. I think it’s a privilege to work from home now. I feel depressed every time I think of those daily wagers separated from their family and homeless people.

  4. Shweta Suresh

    Such a raw depiction of reality. We have got to be the luckiest of heroes – the ones who get to save the world and ourselves by staying at home!

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