6 Simple Life Changes During Quarantine

We are on the lookout for ways to make the Quarantine period less monotonous. This post in no way tells you that you need to have a skill at the end of Lock-down. It is alright if you choose to spend your day by simply being happy. It merely gives you ideas if you want to make some simple life changes during Quarantine. These tips need at the most 10 minutes of your time. You can invest more time depending upon how quick or effective you want the results to be.

  1. Bond with family – We really have lost ourselves in the rat race, so much so that we don’t even have the time for ourselves leave alone having time for family. We do try. We call them whenever we can, we sit with them for 20 minutes a day after work, but during these times we are still thinking about that other work we should be completing or the call we should be making. We are never with family completely. This Quarantine time has reduced work considerably for many of us and instead of fixating on the freedom taken away from us, we can use this time to create memories.I have been trying to get my sister and parents to watch series or movies with me, or sit together and sing, play some games or talk. All of us are busy in so many ways and a family time was never our thing. So it is difficult. But I am trying and I believe that there’s no other time than this one to bring that bonding. It wouldn’t be easy. But it will be worth it!
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  2. Improve Your Knowledge Base –If you like etymology, you could try to know the etymology of your State, country or nearby places, or the etymology of things you like, for instance I got to know recently that Ernakulam was earlier known as Rishinagakulam and that there’s a story behind it. Though didn’t find any material on it, I assume that Er-Na-kulam was formed from the first Malayalam letters of Rishi and Naga. That was a mind-blowing revelation for me. You can also read about Indian history. It could be about the partition or about Tipu Sultan’s conquests. These are all interesting areas for me. But you have a large amount of information for you out there and you just need to spend 10 minutes a day to read up and improve your knowledge base.
  3. Learn a New Skill – Again, it is not about a full-fledged course. But maybe one from Udemy that costs 500 bucks and gives you a 3-5 hours course on something that interests you. If you like painting, it could be simply about the various brush strokes and techniques to make the painting look better. If you are into instruments, it could be about learning a new piece, if its dance,it could be about using it to move your body and enjoying it. You never know. One small technique might get you more interested into something and it could pave way to a fresh new perspective in life!
  4. Roll Reversals – If your Mom has been cooking all these years and you have the time to try your luck in the kitchens, you should venture into it. It’s always good to have an insight into how another person handles things. When your spouse or parents comes back from work, you could try a new method to make him/her happy. If you’re someone who hasn’t prepared tea and snacks before, try giving them a surprise; dinner isn’t a bad idea either. If you follow the online recipes verbatim, nothing could go wrong. Light up the house, put some music and candles, hot water for the feet, a movie after; do things you’ve never done before for your family. IMPORTANT: Do clean up after. You’ll thank me for this bit. 
  5. 30 Seconds of Anything – 30 seconds, a minute or five minutes of something could add value to you. My sister proved this to me last year when she decided to do push=ups for 30 seconds every day. Sounds like nothing right? No! She was a beginner who could barely get her body up from the floor for a push-up. She started doing it with knees on the floor and by the  end of 30 days she could do push-ups like a pro! I am starting with it today – Push-ups for 30 seconds for 30 days. You can try learning a new word from a new language everyday if you spend 2 minutes.
  6. Use The App Store – you can look for apps on Google play store that helps you with many of these aspects. You have SLOWLY through which you can send and receive letters from random people through the App. Don’t worry, it’s safe. You have Gratitude Journal wherein you can write things you’re grateful for. Duo lingo to learn new languages, House party to group chat with friends and play games online, Knappily and medium to read up and gather knowledge, the list is endless. You can try out various apps in the playstore. It might end up surprising you! I am thinking of dedicating a post to the various Apps you could use to make your life better.

By no means am I asking you to do all of this at once. You can try one at a time, fix a time frame during which you’ll stick to it and see how it goes. If you come out of the quarantine a bit more stronger or with good memories with your loved ones or with a little more knowledge, it will be a life long asset for you.


Featured Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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  1. Sonia Chatterjee

    What a wonderful list to keep one occupied during the lockdown period. For me after the household chores and worrying about my Doctor husband on emergency duty, I spend my time in writing and finishing my MFA assignments. It’s just that with a 4.6 yr old, it becomes more difficult to manage all of it.

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