Stories of Kindness and Sacrifice during Covid-19

The brawl over toilet paper and supermarkets emptying out had us wondering where we were all heading. But there were some beautiful acts of kindness and sacrifice that kept people together, sane and alive during the Coronavirus pandemic. I wouldn’t do justice to this series if I don’t put the stories of these wonderful souls out there. Here are some heart warming Stories of Kindness and Sacrifice during Covid-19


The Elderly Sacrifice their Ventilators for the Young ones who need them the Most

A 90 year old woman in Belgium, Suzanne Hoylearts, was tested positive for Coronavirus. Her health deteriorated with every day. However she refused to be put on ventilator saying she has had a beautiful life. She requested them to save it for the youngest who needed it the most. She died from Covid 19 as she granted the gift of life to someone else.

Italian priest Don Giuseppe Berardelli had been suffering from respiratory ailments for a while. And so Bergamo being one of the worst hit by Coronavirus, did not spare the priest. His parish had earlier purchased a breathing apparatus to help him. However he decided to give up the ventilator for someone younger. He passed away in a hospital in Bergamo.

In both these cases and many others, there was no in personal funeral for the departed. As someone said, funerals are for the living. These wonderful souls died sacrificing and I am sure they are both on a beautiful after-life journey.

A Man in Uttarakhand, India uses his own vehicle as an Ambulance

32 year old Ganesh Bhatt decided to use his vehicle as an emergency service when he realized that ambulance drivers were scarce in his area. He gets distress calls frequently now. He has helped out pregnant women, a child who fractured his hands and he even supplies essential items such as groceries and medicines so that people don’t have to leave their homes during lock-down.

“We all know how the healthcare system is in the hilly regions of our state; ambulance services are not efficient even at the best of times and to top that, now local drivers do not want to take people to hospitals even if they are paid Rs 2000, as they are scared they might get infected. So I started using my own car as an ambulance,” said Bhatt.

He has been using his savings to provide these services. However these days people who have contacted him through social media are contributing money for fuel. The locals refer to his car as 109 ambulance service now. [Source: Hindustan Times]

The Captain of the Cruise Ship, The Diamond Princess, the last one to leave

The Diamond Princess that carried 3711 people (including the crew) began to have a rough phase on the day before the cruise was about to end, when a person had been tested positive for coronavirus. Within the next day, the number had increased to 10. People were asked to stay inside their rooms as each of them were tested. Over the next few days, the positive cases rose to 700. While his ship was going through a never before phase, the Captain, Gennaro Arma tried his best to cheer up the passengers.


Throughout the quarantine, he thanked the passengers for their patients and left them notes of encouragement. He arranged flowers and chocolates for the passengers shut in their cabins on Valentine’s Day. He recited a quote from Bible to lift the passengers’ spirits and instill faith.

He continued to stay and oversaw the transfer of passengers to the hospital or the quarantine facility and was the last one to disembark on Mar 2nd. He is now a Hero to many and Italy is to give him its highest honor.

If this wasn’t enough, we have people volunteering to supply essentials to the doorsteps of the elderly. Children are posting hand written letters to houses in their streets offering help. A community in Thane, Mumbai is ensuring that people who returned from abroad in their community aren’t harassed but feel supported. A group of neighbours sang the Birthday Song to an 80 year old home quarantined woman in Spain.


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  1. nooranandchawla

    These lovely stories give me hope that we will survive this terrible calamity as a race. Lovely and much needed post.

    1. Ranjini

      Thank you. Indeed we will!

  2. Arushi

    A beautiful post. These are inspiring stories which show humanity still exists and we are in this together and will fight it out.

  3. Amrita

    So sad really.But it makes one believe that people are wonderful all over the world.May we all survive.

    1. Ranjini

      Right? So much love still remains. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by.

  4. Dashy

    The world needs to know about this kindness. These people are a true blessing <3

    1. Ranjini

      They are! We need more stories like these!

  5. Balaka

    These acts of kindness are so heartwarming. I wrote a similar post. Do drop by when you feel like. I would feel happy to share similar thoughts.

  6. Ranjini

    I just went over to your blog. Which is the post? Is it the latest one?

  7. Sonia Chatterjee

    Thank you for writing this, Ranjini. These are stories that give us hope amidst the decaying face of humanity.

  8. Shweta Suresh

    Such stories reaffirm your faith in humanity! I had heard about Suzanne Hoylearts and Don Giuseppe Berardelli. May their souls rest in peace. Captain Gennaro has got a heart of gold. And so do the countless others who volunteer their services for the ones in need. Let’s not forget our health-care workers and other essential staff. My “H” one-liner was dedicated to them. God bless these souls. We need reaffirmation when it comes to kindness and selfless services. Now, more than ever. Thank you for sharing these stories.

  9. Shilpa Garg

    In these testing times, there are people who are reaching out to the people with a helping hand. It is heartwarming to read about messages of hope, kindness, compassion and solidarity which are springing up in unusual places. Thanks for sharing these beautiful real-life stories!

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