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Importance of a Weekend Ritual

We are all familiar with the feeling of the weekend slipping between our fingers while Monday inches close to us. For some of us, weekends are more stressful than the weekdays, while for others, it is the time for food, sleep and Netflix and then some guilt and self introspection. Whatever be the case, a weekend ritual is necessary if you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything over the weekend and want to strike a balance.

I for one, do not like spending the weekend sleeping. I want to do so many things; cook, sing, blog, paint, learn something new, work on my book, but come Sunday, I have barely accomplished anything on my list, not because I was lazing around, but because I am over ambitious, my list is too long, and I end up panicking and grieving! A Weekend ritual that says ‘Relax is quintessential to keep me calm and in control.

You may not realise it. But it is when you lose control of your time that you begin to panic. A weekend ritual will be that time frame in your weekend that would help you establish control on one important aspect of your life, thereby making you feel better about yourself. If you fall under any of the following categories (except the last one), you need a weekend ritual:

  1. For the Ones With Solid Goals – If you want to accomplish something really ambitious in life, you need to practice it or work for it on a regular basis. If you wish to write an exam, or develop a new skill you need to keep some time aside during the weekends for it. Unless you prioritize, your dreams wouldn’t materialize. So instead of doing everything else you think are important, you should keep aside some time, say 3 hours, for your goals. To practice your passion. That would be YOUR weekend ritual. A permanent part of every weekend of yours!
  2. For the Ones Wearing Many Hats – If you are over-ambitious like me, you need to reduce the self inflicted burden. You also need some time to rest and handle any sudden plans that may come your way. In this case, you wouldn’t need the same ritual every week. You can mix it up, but in smaller quantities. If on one weekend, you’re singing and baking, on another, you could paint and write. The important thing is to plan ahead, and to never overdo it!
  3. For the Ones Over-Burdened With Chores and Responsibilities -If you’ve lots of dreams and even more responsibilities weighing you down, you tend to give more importance to the latter. The house chores HAVE to be done, the house HAS to be cleaned, you HAVE to prepare special dishes for your family and then it’s Sunday night and you’re exhausted and disgruntled because not only couldn’t you do the things you love, you didn’t even catch a break. People like this HAVE to plan a relaxation ritual for their weekends. Whether you do those chores or not, you HAVE to take half a day off from everything else and just sit with yourself doing nothing or doing something you Love. It is the most important weekend ritual you need to have for yourself!
    Also, please be more vocal and share your burdens. House chores aren’t your responsibility alone.
  4. For the Ones Who Sleep Through – Then there is the category of people who sleep and relax throughout the weekend and feel guilty about it. Work just one thing into your ritual. It could be reading for 2 hours, watching a video that would help you grow spiritually or improve your lifestyle, learn to play an instrument, a language or anything that would give you a sense of accomplishment. You can go back to sleep after this.

  5. For the Over-Worked Corporate Slaves – Do you use the weekend to catch up on all the pending office work? But do you also feel like you can’t catch a breath because of all the over-working? Then you need to squeeze some more time for yourself. Giving priority to you will be your weekend ritual. But do you know what else you need to do? Ask for more resources or search for a new job. You deserve a life outside of work and if you are forced to work during every weekend, against your will, you aren’t tied to the company.
  6. For the Ones that Don’t Need the Ritual – If you fall into this category that I have never come across, the type that is perfectly happy with their weekend whether or not they did anything, you are in the best mind space you could think of. Keep that up. Because in the end, it is the peace of mind that matters; yours and others’.
Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

This weekend, I wanted to paint, participate in #MyFriendAlexa campaign and cook something wonderful. But my weekend ritual for this weekend was this blogpost, the music class and the massage that was much needed for my back. Fixing these as they were important, gave me more time which is when I watched a movie and started learning how to play the Ukelele.

Apart from all these, you can have weekend rituals for your skin, mind, food intake, to be in touch with your family or friends, the possibilities are endless. These rituals aren’t rules. They are meant to reduce your burden, pay more attention to your goals, keep you relaxed and make you happier. Which of the above categories will you fall into? And what would your weekend rituals be like?

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