How I Intend to Make the Best of 2021


  • Focus on Health – Food, Exercise, Mind, Water
  • Write that Book
  • Work on building a routine

It is customary that at the beginning of every year, I write a blogpost on what I intend to achieve during that year. It is a different story that I more often than not, don’t pursue it. But I believe in explicitly setting my intentions and here I am, to do just that.

2020 is a year that just threw us off track and from the energy and vibe I have been getting during the transition between 2020 and 2021, I know that the entire world is hopeful. That is a tremendous amount of collective energy. All of a sudden, the whole world is hopeful that 2021 is going to be a year of change. It’s like Trump losing the elections. Everyone most definitely knows that the successor, no matter who he/she is, ought to be better than Trump! I’d like to cash on this positivity and energy and set my intentions for 2021. If you’ve been looking for a list of things you could accomplish, you can refer mine if any of it interests you.

Note – You might find the usage of pronouns weird as I have been writing to myself. But I’d also like to know what you think of the usage;


  1. Travel:
    • One International trip (The First) – Taiwan, because my sister is there.
    • One Long Trip in India – Preferably Uttarakhand for a month
    • One Must Have trip – Goa. Been planning, but never been here!
    • One Girls Only Trip – Could be a part of any of the above
    • One Solo Trip – 2021 HAS to be the year I’ll be building up the courage for this.
  2. Music:
    • Do a 30 Days singing challenge – Just to try different songs and ensure that I sing daily
    • Work on a set of songs and get a recording done (Eeeesh! Been working towards this)
    • Continue with my carnatic lessons and practice daily
    • Get some more action with my Ukulele
  3. Writing:
    • Write everyday – Whether it is a journal, on instagram or on my evernote. Spend 15 minutes everyday to write.
    • Work on that damn book – I have a theme planned since years and I haven’t been confident about it. This has been demotivating me. I just need a visible plan and I am not even budging to get to that. My writing goals aren’t going to be heavy. The only goal I am giving myself is to write 15 minutes a day and sketch out a full fledged plan for my book!
  4. Others:
    • Read everyday right before sleeping
    • Make those YouTube videos as and when I get the ideas
    • Paint and make macrame art only because I really want to. Just because I have planned it, I don’t want to pressurize myself to go through with it.


  1. Mental Health:
    • Meditate Daily for 10 minutes
    • Try to take a deep breath and a break when the stress gets too much
    • Stop working beyond the work hours. The more you clear off the plate, the more you get served.
    • Say NO
    • Try to be in the moment as much as possible
  2. Physical Health:
    • Take a break every hour from work, and stretch.
    • Drink 4 bottles of Water – Use the planner for marking this
    • Walk daily or do some stretches at the very least
    • Observe junk intake
    • Eat on Time


  • I need to remind myself not to take up all the above activities all at once. These are what I need to accomplish over the year. Start with one, set the foundation and build on them. That being said forgetting this post isn’t going to help me either. 😛 (I have stuck a post it note in my room reminding me to read this post)
  • It is okay to take breaks, but get back to the routine. That’s important.
  • When depressing thoughts haunt me, DO NOT dwell on them. Observe them, acknowledge them and apply my mind on something engaging and uplifting. I have been practicing this and been getting better at it!
  • Be open to plans not falling through. Be open to unforeseen events. Remember that not everything is set in stone.

This is a Goal oriented post intended to jot down my thoughts in improving my life. Using this as a base, I’ll be planning the next few months. If you are interested in joining me in any of these activities, or if you wish to know my progress, you can always get in touch with me. The benefit of laying down your goals for people to see is that, it inspires them, and some of them ask about your progress and even give you the much needed push at times.

Whether you have a plan for 2021 or not, I hope it is a friendly year for you.

This blog post is a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.

Featured Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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  1. Chinmayee Gayatree sahu

    I enjoyed reading your post and all the best for attaining almost all your goals if not all. Because 2020 has taught us that it’s okay if things don’t go as planned, we must be able to make the best thing available. Let’s really wish 2021 behaves in a little more friendly manner.

    1. Rangelz

      Exactly! It’s okay to not conquer it all! Thank you for reading Chinmayee. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead

  2. Payel

    Oohh. I am still stuck to your travel plans!!! I am reading, re-reading them and I truly hope they come true one by one.. my best wishes for you and your resolution.. very best of luck..

    1. Rangelz

      Hahaha I was thinking about having a separate post about the detailed plans. Thank you so so much for the wishes

  3. Swarnali Nath

    Wow Ranjini such a different kind of post I had here. Such a lovely write up with lots of healthy habits and plans. Like you I also have some plans for 2021 but let’s see how far I can execute them. Like I have started writing daily quotes and trying to write a series on my blog. Loved to know about your singing habits and resolutions. I am a huge fan of your singing. Wish you more power dear. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. Grateful. Wish you a great year ahead. Best wishes.

  4. Archana Srivastava

    Your goals are motivating me to work on my lost track. I am definitely going to pick some of from the above list. I wish you all the very best. I am sure by the end of the year we will be reading your post achieving all your goals.

  5. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    I’m definitely stealing a few points from here… Need to become more organized myself this year

  6. Jyoti Jha

    Your goals for the new year are so refreshingly inspiring! Writing, Traveling, Health priority, Music…all my favorite.
    Wishing you the best to fulfill all your goals and much more in this year and the years to come!
    The tips around mental health and general wellbeing are very helpful.
    Lovely post!

  7. Ruchi Nasa

    Its good to make plans..hope you make progress in those which mean most to you … observe junk intake and reduce …I’m going to try to follow this ..thanks for putting it here. All the best.

  8. Urvashi

    You post is fantastic. Exactly what I want to do in coming weeks. I am planning these few days hoping to implement most of the goals that you also have listed. Let’s see how well do I succeed. I am going to borrow some of the items from your list too. Hope that is okay with you; Urvashi, Damuru Creations

  9. Alpana Deo

    “Start with one, set the foundation and build on them. ” I believe in this and practice it. I like how you segregated your goals. I have tried Kareoke last year and truly loved it. Singing gives so much of relaxation to me. Rest if the goals, I am already following . Happy to see that your list is pretty clear. Good luck!!

    1. Rangelz

      Ooh wow! Karaoke must have been so refreshing! I’m a tad bit scared to try it out. When you say rest of the goals you’re already following, it gives me hope!

  10. Deepika Sharma

    Loved your plans more than that i loved the way you’ve taken it one step at a time. And that comparison with Trump was just awesome. I’ll be copying a lot of your plans.. thanks for writing this.
    Best wishes for 2021

    1. Rangelz

      Hahaha yes I just couldn’t not do that comparison . Thank you so much

  11. Mayuri Nidigallu

    I hope you visit Goa many times over, it’s awesome! And yes, I hope your tick your way through all the resolutions you have set for yourself, and enjoy achieving them!

  12. Navita Bhatia

    Wow!! Ranjini, I loved the vigor with which you have put all your objectives forth. Your travel goals are really impressive!! More power to you for accomplishing your goals related to writing, travel, music, and health.
    Best wishes for a magnificent year ahead!!

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so so much Navita 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful year ahead

  13. Sakshi Varma

    Enjoyed reading the list and can see that some of your objectives are common to mine. I could also pick a few more for myself from your list. Also you know, the tone and your expression are very similar to some of the notes I have written to myself previously :-). All the best for accomplishing your goals!

  14. Nidhi Rawal Gautam

    Ranjini your post itself has so many takeaways. I could really connect with some of the points mentioned here. Wish you a delightful year ahead and hope you will fulfill all your plans that you have for 2021. Stay safe

  15. Purba Chakraborty

    Such wonderful goals for 2021! Very inspiring. I wish you get success in all of them. Have a fantastic year!

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much Purba. You too have a fabulous year! 🙂

  16. Dashy

    I like how clear you are about your goals, never mind about how successful you are in achieving them! It’s a great start to pen them down and form a plan in itself. If I could steal any of your points it would be the whole travel list! Good luck with your resolutions and hope you have a great 2021, Ranjini.

    1. Rangelz

      I know right!? I thought if I don’t even pen them down, then I can’t keep track of them! Haha yes please hijack any point you want. 🙂

  17. Suhasini I.P.

    Ranjini, I liked the way you charted your goals and working towards achieving them. All the very Best to you ane hope in 2021 you would fulfill all your goals.

  18. sakshi varma

    Great to read your goals and I believe I can also pick a few from your list 🙂 And you know the way you have written to yourself reminds me of the way I have written similar notes to myself in the past! Good luck with achieving your goals this year!

    1. Rangelz

      Yes please feel free to refer to this for your goals! Thank you so much

  19. Neha Jain

    First of all I wish this year you write your book. Best of luck for that. I like your last points which you wrote for yourself. We all make goals and it is ok to take baby steps to achieve them.

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much for your lovely wish Neha 🙂

  20. Daisy

    The clarity in your thoughts has laid down a simple segregated, quite achievable plan for the new year. Music, health, writing, traveling… isn’t everything so soothing and tempting.., definitely one step a day, will take you closer to happiness and contentment. I’m going to grab some of your luscious ideas and try implementing in my life too!! Great post and best wishes for all future endeavors ❤️

  21. Debidutta Mohanty

    I loved your post especially the way you have jotted down all that your heart wishes for. Best wishes and luck to fulfil them all, one by one.

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