Memories of Love

37 Summers later,
I sit on that old reclining chair,
The one that belonged to my grandmother.

I have made a garden out of my home,
A reminder
Of my mother’s love for anything
And everything green.

The simple table made of Mahogany
Older than me,
Rests in the corner, against the walls,
One of the few belongings
That my grandfather left behind.

My father’s old bookshelf gathers dust,
With half eaten books within.
Does a shelf get wiser
From holding what’s within?

I sit there,
Old and frail,
Age tearing me down,
Memories and reminders,
holding me together.

There’s a photo.
There is always a photo, on the wall,
That is overwhelming.
It has me several decades younger,
Kissing her, who shared the womb.

Shadows Of people
Surround me.
Shadows of people, linger.

I close my eyes.
To shut them out.
The fan groans in desperate strains,
Assuring me of its existence,
Painfully reminding me
Of my loneliness.

I smile a little as the tears
Cling on to my lower eyelids.
Oh! The irony.
I can’t find solace in loneliness.

Because there’s nothing like loneliness
To remind me of you.

This blog post is a part of the Petals of Love Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.We’re a bunch of 30 writers across the globe, coming to you with 30 different pieces on Love

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  1. Sadvika kylash

    Wow!! Love how you describe a home in memories of your family!!
    Few places, few things, no.matter how old they are, they always hold a special place in our heart!

  2. Payel

    Oh wow.. that brought so many thoughts out, then there were so many things unsaid and still lingering somewhere in the thought.. i loved reading this..

  3. Swarnali Nath

    Wow, this is so beautiful and within these words, there was a strange kind of peace. So soothing so serene. I could feel your every word and emotion Ranjini. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. Inspire of so many personal hurdles, you wrote this beautiful poem and drenched us in a pure and innocent love. Grateful to you dear. Best wishes to you.

  4. Dashy

    Wow, Ranjini. What a soulful poem. Absolutely loved the imagery and the wordings. Keep this up ♥️

  5. Archana Srivastava

    Wow, you have beautifully penned your feelings in the poem; it took me the gallop of memories of my ancestor’s house where we have embellished the room with my grandfather’s belongings! Keep writing!

  6. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow such a beautiful poem with a deep meaning. yes as we grew older, the old memories and dear ones become more precious to us. while reading, I had visualized the whole scene and it has made me emotional too. great response to prompt dear.

  7. Ruchi Nasa

    So many memories you wove into this one. I loved the poem, simple yet beautiful..I could imagine the table, the bookshelf, the photo hanging …old woman sitting on the chair reminiscing of the days gone by looking at the garden. Beautiful

  8. Navita Bhatia

    The soulful emotions related to the precious memories, woven into beautiful words!! Wonderful!!

  9. Daisy

    This forlorn loneliness gripped with thoughts of the beloved …that’s love too! Love in melancholic yore. The imagery took me in the bylanes of memories and long lost ❤️ love!! Well written

  10. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    This is more than just beautiful. It’s heartfelt, strikes a chord and would make any reader introspect.

  11. Sonia Dogra

    You have my heart Ranjini for writing this lovely piece of love. A beautiful palette of memories.

  12. Nidhi Rawal Gautam

    Ranjini, your poem took me to the best memories of mine. Such soulful writing ❤ Loved reading it.

  13. Vishal Bheeroo

    A powerful poem and deep stirring the chords, our emotions and memories, tearing the heart and soul. Compelling and gut-wrenching 🙂

  14. Neha Jain

    I love your poem a lot. I have read such simple words with this deeper meaning after a long time. It is a treat reading your piece.

  15. Purba Chakraborty

    This poem is so beautiful and poignant. The nostalgia, the longing for bygone days, the ruminations in loneliness are portrayed so beautifully. Loved reading it.

  16. Mayuri Nidigallu

    The imagery your words created took me to the place you described. Beautiful writing, Ranjini.

  17. Deepika Sharma

    So many memories woven in such a perfect verse. What an amazing read. Touched a chord deep in my heart.
    Deepika Sharma

  18. Chinmayee Gayatree sahu

    I was mesmerized by the depth of feelings and the image is so apt that it transported me to a different world all together. I felt emotional at many parts and the I could resonate with your feelings. Lovely take !

  19. Varsh

    Such beautiful words and memories one can form around ancestral homes, isn’t it? This is beautifully written and has made me so very nostalgic.

  20. Daisy

    “Because there’s nothing like loneliness
    To remind me of you”!! I’m clinging to these lines and they’re lingering on my mind. What a profound piece of poetry you’ve penned here. Even the forlorn separation and pain of loneliness is a form of love, and you’ve etched those feelings with delicate intimacy and intricacies!! Kudos ❤️

  21. Amritha Srinath

    Wow Ranjini, what a rendition! I could actually visualize a little growing up with her sister, mother, father and grandparents and now being lonely at an old age. There will be so many memories haunting her, reminding her of the very existence and absence of the people she has loved. I could imagine an empty house that would seek laughter of a child, chatter of the women and much more. Love exists in loneliness, and is most felt when there is this emptiness inside us. Such a profound, serene and endearing poem! Loved reading it.

  22. Tina Sequeira

    Beyond beautiful. One of my fave posts in this blog hop so far.

  23. Neha Jain

    What a beautiful example of simplicity and power. Your words have power which could make others forget everything and feel what you want them to.

  24. Tina Sequeira

    Ranjini, this is beyond beautiful. One of my fave posts in this blog hop so far.

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