Miracle With A Skin

You wanted the barbie doll
That was a doctor
And that could also cook.
But it was so expensive,
that you didn’t have the heart
To ask your Mom for it.

You wanted to go to those woods,
the green patch you see
out your bedroom window
with a chair and a book
and sit and read.
But the entire apartment
would see you there and
They’d never understand
Why you’d read in a forest.
You’d never be able to read peacefully.

You want to run out
and dance in the rains
but the terrace is always closed
and even if it’s open,
it reeks of half burnt waste.

You want to meditate near the waters,
on that bench
but the mosquitoes would eat you alive.

You want to ask that perfect,
well mannered, happy to the bone,
sensitive boy to marry you,
but you know that he is far from getting settled;
oh so far!

You want to not feel so much.
Not so much for yourself,
not so much for others.
But the moment you stop feeling,
you go down another spiral.

You don’t want to react and retaliate ,
for the wrongs that you see
because they spoil your peace of mind.
But not reacting or speaking up,
is not you.

You’ve always asked
and waited
for the difficult,

You’ve known that some wishes
Aren’t easy to fulfill
with the way the world currently is.
You’ve gotten your dreams shattered,
heart broken a million times
and you still persist.
If that’s not a miracle,
I don’t know what is.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon wherein I’ll be writing 10 posts in 15 days in June 2021