Doors With No Handles

This is my letter to the world.
To each one of you.
So read till the end.
You’ll love it, I promise!
I walked into my 7 year old niece’s room
And there she was lost in a reverie
What are you dreaming, Sugar?
“Did you know that there are orphans in this world?”
” How did you learn that?”
“My friend Ami.
She said Benedict Uncle sponsors her.
We went to on old-age home last week.
Why can’t old-age homes adopt orphans?
When I grow up, I’ll bring them together.
I want to spread happiness.
Is that a job?”

I looked at her with love,
pride and a little bit jealousy.
There was a beautiful world
In a Seven year old’s day dream.
So I opened her blue diary
In which she had scribbled
her understanding of our world:
Things Amma says;
Be kind to your brother.
Smell the flowers,
But don’t pluck them.
Don’t kill the ants, let them pass.
Wash your plate after you eat
Clean your place when you leave.
Give food to Sheela aunty when she’s sick
(Sheela aunty is her neighbour)

Things Mini Miss taught;
Look right, then left, then right again,
Then cross.
Red is to stop,
Orange is to wait,
Green is to go.
Don’t be scared of beggars,
They are people just like us.
Don’t cheat on your tests
Work hard and earn your place.
Never take other’s belongings,
Stolen goods will never give you peace
Say sorry when you know you hurt someone
Say thank you when someone does something nice

Things Acha tells me;
Don’t run when you see Dogs
Don’t throw stones at them.
Animals won’t hurt you unless you hurt them.
Your plate should have
Only the amount you can eat.
Don’t waste food or water.
When you enjoy yourself,
It shouldn’t be a nuisance to your neighbours.

Things Ammamma does;
Pray for everyone’s health
To smell nice, apply Vicco and Cuticura
When you love someone,
You do little, happy things unasked;
Like bringing in coffee
Giving cut fruits in the middle of the day
Adjusting their hair.
Asking if they ate food,
If their health was good,
Sending special curry to the neighbors.
Being kind to everyone
Family and strangers

Things I’ll do when Igrow up;
Build orphanages next to old-age homes
And change its name to ‘Heaven’
Mini miss says
Heaven is where all are loved and happy.
Kindness and compassion
Are the most valuable qualities;
So kindness should be the highest paid job.”
A Seven year Old’s diary
Has a world better than ours.

Everything the world needs right now
Is what we teach a 7 year olds.
I want to print copies of it,

Rule books for Humans.
Hopefully then,
We’d all grow old into her world Of doors with no handles,
Orphanages turned into heavens
And where kindness will be the highest paid job.

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  1. Shweta Suresh

    Aww that’s such a sweet tale. I love her idea. That would be great indeed. If only everyone could think like her!

  2. Raunica

    so beautiful, their innocence is so pure. We need to learn how to see the world from their still uninfluenced eyes

  3. Suchita Agarwal

    Maybe we should put 7 year olds in charge of important things. This was a delightful read. So many tidbits to think about.

  4. Brinda Vijay

    What a wise little girl and such gems coming out of her mouth will put many an adult to shame!

  5. Sandhya Bhattaram

    A delightful read. She is very thoughtful and kind. Her world is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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