Is Life Designed to be Difficult?

Kindness and Compassion

Have you asked yourself this question? I have! A million times or more. Some might say ‘You are what you believe’. That could be true. Perhaps if you believe that life is easy, it would just become easy. But I don’t believe so. While I am going to tell you why I believe so, I am also going to give you a purpose by the time you reach the end of the post. My reasoning is what made me believe in this purpose with a million times more conviction.

Survival of the fittest is my answer. I and you are one among million sperms that raced to victory. It started right there and I don’t think that must have been easy. We are pitted up against each other starting from childhood to every point in our lives.

If you’d say that it is how we humans have made it, consider this. Animals don’t have it easy; except Lions maybe. But they need to earn their place in their pride too. Most of the animals are instant preys and they always need to be on the lookout. They need to fight for food. mate and survival.

Let us assume that there weren’t any animals, but only plants. There are carnivorous plants. There are plants that tap the root of other plants, parasitic plants that absorb the nutrition of another and kill them.

Oppression has been part of the design and we humans have been fighting each other for centuries; for freedom, for peace and every time a person was murdered, there was a terrorist attack, rapes, child abductions, domestic abuses, I kept wondering when it will all end.

Maybe it won’t. I’ll always live knowing that my baby sister will have to fight for her place in the world. There will be an angry customer occasionally at my mother’s desk yelling at her. There will be a particularly opportunistic co-worker who’d use any chance to show my father down and there will be a rapist, a psychopath crossing our path as we walk down the street. There is no escape.

But here is the most important part. Life has been designed to be difficult for all of us. Your coworker, your family, your friends, every single person you see is exposed to these risks in all their unfairness. This gives you and me all the more reason to be compassionate. It gives us more reason to smile a little more when we speak to the people we Love. To be a little more courteous to the staff at the service center, to the receptionist, the security, the bus conductor, the milkman, the maid…

While the world teaches us to be grumpy, we can try to unlearn that and try to force some compassion out of ourselves. And if you decide to do this, maybe, just maybe, 2 or 3 of you who read this post might make the world a better place.

Life has been designed to be difficult for all of us and if all of us realised it and decided to make it easy for just one person, imagine the amount of change that would bring about. Also here is a reminder to be stop being so hard on yourself. To be kinder to yourself. If you love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, watch it a million times guilt free. Because what’s the point of living if you’re always going to live with guilt? Rather live happily watching the same show over and over again 😉

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  1. Anindya Rakshit

    Very true words. Life is not meant to be easy for anyone and we sometimes make the mistake of finding out the easy path, when there’s not any. And that’s why we must learn to accept life as it is and join hands in the journey together.

  2. Ravish Mani

    I also believe that without misery, bliss would be meaningless.

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