A Word Tea to Soothe You

Tea and Bangalore weather

Over the years so many things have changed.
The way I’ve defined happiness has changed.
I think most of us find lesser and lesser reasons to be happy as we grow up.
As we grow up, the society belittles the things that made us happy as children
Or perhaps we stop giving importance to those mundane things.

But there are some constants that have continued to stick.
Astoundingly so.
They have dissolved into our lives like honey in milk, like milk in water;
So much so that you haven’t noticed in a long time,
how important they are and how there’s this innate happiness they bring within you.

As far as I can remember,
there’s no other time of the day that comforts me like tea time.
Whether it’s at home, office or at college, I vividly remember tea time to be a happy affair. I don’t know if it’s about the tea or the time,
but it IS a magical hour.

With the oblique golden-orange sunrays filtering in.

Sometimes it’s about your comfort group walking towards the tea shop, cracking jokes, complaining about work and that boss who’s a pain in the ass.

No matter how hectic it is at work, the first sip of tea calms me. It reminds me that I just have an hour or two to go back home.

It smells of cardamom and cinnamon and sometimes of just plain simple Kerala tea with less milk, more water and lots of tea powder; Double strong!

Sometimes it’s about how Dad remembers that I Love cutlets and parippuvada and proudly unwraps the snacks he bought to showcase my favorites. The numbers are always way more than we could have! There’s no ‘less’ in his vocabulary.

Sometimes it’s about the special tea Amma makes with panikoorkka leaves (oregano) and calls out to me for Tea. She then brings it to my table because I haven’t moved from my workspace.

But I insist that I’ll go to the dining table because sometimes it’s about the tea time conversations and jokes.

These days it’s about the cool Bangalore breeze, the dramatic cloudy skies, the rustle of leaves, the solitude that’s growing on me and the greens that soothe me.

But also about the right amount of Cinnamon and Cardamom to be ground and the right color the Tea should attain as I inhale the fragrance of the ground spices.

Oh! And some Malayalam melodies in the background.

“Kaayalin Prabhatha Geethangal Kelkkumee Thushaara meghangal…”

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  1. Sandhya Bhattaram

    Refreshing post! Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Shweta Suresh

    Tea is much more than a beverage. It is a feeling, an emotion, an invocation to memories that never fail to cheer you up.

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