Why You Should Watch Feel Good Web Series More Often

With the advent of Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney Hotstar, Zee 5 and a hundred other streaming platforms, the series have multiplied too. You find amazing content online vying for your attention. Having watched series after series over the past 9 or so years, I’ve now settled for finding and watching feel-good web series more because of several reasons.

This post started out as a listicle of feel-good web series you should watch. But I decided to break the post up and tell you the why of it first. Without further ado, here are my reasons to watch more of feel good web series:

1. It helps you relax mentally and physically (I know, duh! But please do read on) – The type of content you consume affects your mindset. I love myself some thrillers, fantasy and the suspense that come with them. But there was a time when I watched too much of those and realised that it affected me mentally and physically for prolonged period. I was clenching my fists too often, my breath was fast and abnormal, and sometimes I dreamt about these series which affected my sleep quality and my productivity the next day.

When you’re constantly in a state of anxiety and thrill, it translates into other parts of your life too. I then began to seek out feel good web series and found myself more relaxed and happier. It’s immediate effect was on my sleep patterns as I used to watch them right before I slept (not recommended even with feel good series, but some habits are hard to break).

2. As opposed to thrillers, there are some not-so-addictive, feel good web series. They make you feel good, but they need not keep you hooked with cliff hangers. They may not be excessively funny which won’t motivate you to seek out more episodes. This will give you a control over those all-nighters that you pull binge watching thrillers. Let me admit it, sometimes the series are not too interesting and that helps me get other things done during the day. This is very very important for web series addicts. The window to get other things done. The Good Witch (N) is helping me with this.

For those asking me what the point of watching series is, if they won’t keep you hooked, once you’ve watched too many series for days together, you realise that there certainly needs to be a balance and you need to find it yourself. If you’re someone who can control your web series addiction, then this doesn’t apply to you. But I don’t believe you exist. I have come across only two kinds of people; ones who binge-watch good shows (specially thrillers) and the others who’ve never been introduced to web series. I think not many in the latter category might read this blogpost. So if thrillers turn you into a binge monster, switch to a less addictive, feel good series. Your series craving is satiated while you’re also motivated to take a break because it doesn’t keep you that hooked.

3. There are also some addictive, amazing feel good series (FRIENDS of course!). Thrillers need not be the only way. If at all you haven’t experienced the happy and relaxing side of Web Series, you should give it a try. If you like some of the classics, you can add them to the mix. Watch an addictive series after something that didn’t really keep you hooked, but got you productive in other areas of life. Your thrillers can be an addition to this mix too. A perfect potpourri.

4. There are more practical takeaways – feel good series, I’ve noticed, are closer to real life than thrillers and mystery. This means, you find messages and hacks that you can apply in real life. The series as such need not be practical or brimming with messages. But you find one often, if you look carefully. I found Gilmore girls (N) perfect for taking notes on relationship and how families could bond after tiffs and sometimes even huge fights.

I started watching web series in 2012 perhaps! It has been 9 years. I went through a lot of phases and I’ve emerged learning that shows affect your mental well being, much like anything else that we’re exposed to. While a lot of them aren’t in our control, these are. This is where we can exercise caution and ensure that we provide ourselves with knowledge, happiness and peace. Not just drama, trauma and stress.

If my idea of watching more of feel good web series is sold, my next post will be a list of the ones that I recommend. Meanwhile, you can drop your recommendations of feel good series in the comments so that I can add them to my list.

So, what kind of a web series lover are you?

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