About A Few Handpicked Things in Life

I am Ranjini S, a Chartered Accountant by profession, a writer by passion. While I am from Cochin, I am currently working in Bangalore. If you want to bond with me, you can talk about Harry Potter, Friends TV show or Game of Thrones. I’d like to emphasize that I am a hardcore Potterhead. I am an introvert trying to get better at talking to people. I love rains, reading, poetry – the gut-wrenching types, deep, dark woods, areas with less crowd, the color Purple and dark chocolates. My favorite human beings are my grandmother and baby sister.
When I was Seven, I was supposed to participate in a story telling competition. I was asked to learn a Story. I didn’t want to. I wanted to make up my own story for the competition. So I walked up to the stage and made up a story, on the spot. As I left, the crowd applauded. Well, that was because I was a Seven year old. The story was rubbish!
The point is, I loved making up stories then.  I didn’t want to just read some story. I wanted to make my own. I used to contribute many poems and stories for the school magazine. I remember giving ten articles one time. I absolutely loved writing as a child. The habit continued even in college. It was when I was preparing for CA in 2010 that a friend asked me to start a blog. I refused. ‘I wouldn’t keep at it’ was my reply. ‘You don’t have to. Just start’, he said.
I wanted my blog to represent something that I believed in. A Few Handpicked Things help me capture those tiny handpicked moments in my life and thoughts in my head. This blog is a piece of me. You can see myself growing, and evolving through this blog. But that is not all. I want to inspire people through A Few Handpicked Things. When a person reaches the end of a blogpost of mine, he should have changed slightly, for the better. That is the aim.
Right now, you’ll find posts on books, travel, social causes, on relationships and friendships, poetry, a couple of short stories etc. Everything will have  a personal touch to them. Because that is how I write.
A Little More About Me For those Interested – MY Belief

  • Magic is Real. Miracles exist.
  • I believe in God. Many tell me they don’t. They tell me they believe in a power, but not in God. I tell them I name that power, God. They disagree. I realise that they find it cooler not to believe in God, but in a Power. I agree to disagree.
  • I believe in free spiritedness. Though you might find me self contradicting. I am a growing soul and there is a lot left to learn.
  • I believe that LGBT do not require a Government approval. Humans were before the government. Love is beyond anyone’s control. A group of narrow minded individuals CANNOT force their belief upon the mass.
  • I believe that prostitution must be made legal. Making it illegal doesn’t seem to work. Does it? Making it illegal doesn’t give those women another means of living. Does it? Even if it does, will we stop looking at the sex workers in the filthy manner. No. We have been taught to look at women like them with disgust. We haven’t been taught empathy. At least, let them live. Make it legal. Let the women earn and educate their children.
  • A small act of kindness goes around and comes around. Bringing a smile on someone’s face makes the world a happier place. I do not wait to make huge changes. I try my best to make little ones like this.

Purple is my favorite color and there is nothing like Black. I cannot choose from among the two, yet, Purple IS my favorite color. So is Black.
In case you were wondering, I am Ranjini; meaning ‘Delightful; the one who entertains, brings joy to others.’ Ranjini is another name for Goddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva.