About A Few Handpicked Things in Life

I am Ranjini S, a Chartered Accountant by profession, a writer by passion. While I am from Cochin, I am currently working in Bangalore. If you want to bond with me, you can talk about Harry Potter, Friends TV show or Game of Thrones. I’d like to emphasize that I am a hardcore Potterhead. I am an introvert trying to get better at talking to people. I love rains, reading, poetry – the gut-wrenching types, deep, dark woods, areas with less crowd, the color Purple and dark chocolates. My favorite human beings are my grandmother and baby sister.
When I was Seven, I was supposed to participate in a story telling competition. I was asked to learn a Story. I didn’t want to. I wanted to make up my own story for the competition. So I walked up to the stage and made up a story, on the spot. As I left, the crowd applauded. Well, that was because I was a Seven year old. The story was rubbish!
The point is, I loved making up stories then.  I didn’t want to just read some story. I wanted to make my own. I used to contribute many poems and stories for the school magazine. I remember giving ten articles one time. I absolutely loved writing as a child. The habit continued even in college. It was when I was preparing for CA in 2010 that a friend asked me to start a blog. I refused. ‘I wouldn’t keep at it’ was my reply. ‘You don’t have to. Just start’, he said.
I wanted my blog to represent something that I believed in. A Few Handpicked Things help me capture those tiny handpicked moments in my life and thoughts in my head. This blog is a piece of me. You can see myself growing, and evolving through this blog. But that is not all. I want to inspire people through A Few Handpicked Things. When a person reaches the end of a blogpost of mine, he should have changed slightly, for the better. That is the aim.
Right now, you’ll find posts on books, travel, social causes, on relationships and friendships, poetry, a couple of short stories etc. Everything will have  a personal touch to them. Because that is how I write.
A Little More About Me For those Interested – MY Belief

  • Magic is Real. Miracles exist.
  • I believe in God. Many tell me they don’t. They tell me they believe in a power, but not in God. I tell them I name that power, God. They disagree. I realise that they find it cooler not to believe in God, but in a Power. I agree to disagree.
  • I believe in free spiritedness. Though you might find me self contradicting. I am a growing soul and there is a lot left to learn.
  • I believe that LGBT do not require a Government approval. Humans were before the government. Love is beyond anyone’s control. A group of narrow minded individuals CANNOT force their belief upon the mass.
  • I believe that prostitution must be made legal. Making it illegal doesn’t seem to work. Does it? Making it illegal doesn’t give those women another means of living. Does it? Even if it does, will we stop looking at the sex workers in the filthy manner. No. We have been taught to look at women like them with disgust. We haven’t been taught empathy. At least, let them live. Make it legal. Let the women earn and educate their children.
  • A small act of kindness goes around and comes around. Bringing a smile on someone’s face makes the world a happier place. I do not wait to make huge changes. I try my best to make little ones like this.

Purple is my favorite color and there is nothing like Black. I cannot choose from among the two, yet, Purple IS my favorite color. So is Black.
In case you were wondering, I am Ranjini; meaning ‘Delightful; the one who entertains, brings joy to others.’ Ranjini is another name for Goddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva.


  1. beeseeker

    Ha ha …
    Is that list really all you need to be a CA student?
    Where’s the lecture room ?

    1. Ranju

      😛 😀 Apparently no! But the list is definitely what we need. And right now, I’m all of it. Got my exams in Nov & I’m studying like crazy :/

  2. seeker

    I can understand how to distance one’s self. Me, too. As for Sri Baba, I subscribe to his daily reading. I love the simplicity of his teaching. And my God is Jesus Christ. Namaste and keep on writting. _/\_ Perpetua

        1. Ranju

          Thanks for sharing the link 🙂 I was thinking about googling this. You heard my thoughts. Thanks a ton.

  3. A regular Indian girl!

    Oh man! Exams in November and its July!! I am a CA and I remember the nightmarish days before my exam!!
    Best luck! Best luck! Best luck! And more if you need! Wooh! It sends jitters down my spine to remember those days!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    1. Ranju

      Thank you 🙂 I didn’t know I had stumbled upon a CA

  4. teny

    Nice one 🙂 That narrow minded nonsense is unavoidable, isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thank you. Yes, absolutely unavoidable 😀

  5. Colourfade

    I just met another true humen being. 🙂

  6. Asmithaaa

    Ranju, Thank for stopping by in my world and following……….. Very nice to know you through your intro here, …….. :)… Looking forward for your upcoming posts :)….

  7. parulthakur24

    Hi Ranjini – I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congratulations!
    Please feel free to accept/decline the award per your blog rules 🙂 I know you are studying, so take your time 🙂
    Read more here – http://happinessandfood.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/my-first-official-award-liebster-award/

  8. Asmithaaa

    Hi Ranju,
    I have nominated you for liebster award to express my sheer liking towards your word play!!!!!!!!

  9. syedajazahmednajir

    I am nominating your blog for the Liebster award. For details, please link to my page

    1. Ranju

      Thank you Syedajazahmednazirdiary 🙂

      1. syedajazahmednajir

        Welcome n thankz 4 visiting my blog

  10. Tanveer Rauf

    elated to know about your good and kind self:) glad to know you:) may achieve and accomplish all your goals amen

  11. Reji Stephenson

    Nice to see your blog. I will come back to it soon. Have a wonderful blogging journey ahead. http://www.digitaldimensions4u.com

    1. Ranju

      Thank you. Same to you. 🙂

  12. Roshan Clicks

    interesting writing. Glad to find your blog.
    Plz Do visit my photo blog when you have time?

    1. Ranju

      Thank you 🙂 Will surely visit your blog. 😀

  13. teny

    Hey, tagged you for a contest, in case you are interested 😀 😀
    And Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Ranju

      :O you had another blog??? I have already written 2 posts on the topic. I wanted to tag you in them but since ur blog was about movie reviews I did not. 😛 Is it valid if I acknowledge u in my post since I already got an invite from Blogadda in the beginning?

      1. teny

        Yes, I needed a blog to show the world that I was more out of order 😀 I didn’t accept tags for the same movie blog reason, but as there were too many of them, I decided that I will start another blog more for accepting the contests and also for personal reasons 😉
        I think it would depend if you have submitted it to blogadda – then it won’t be editable, right?

        1. Ranju

          Even if I’m writing another post, I got this initial invite from Blogadda. So I wonder if ur tag counts. I’ll acknowledge u anyway. And if ur planning to write again. pls do return the favor. 😛 I’ll tag u 😀

          1. teny

            I shall tag you and get your tag from any competition from now on 😀 😀
            I submitted all three posts for shaving, and it can’t be edited 🙁

          2. teny

            And yet I have even more time to prove my cruelty 😀

          3. teny

            Btw, I see that I am given opportunity to write more on the same topic – tag me and I will write from your referral 🙂

      2. teny

        And you have time till Monday morning for tagging me in one of those posts of yours, as it seems now 😀
        Btw, hope the Happy Hours proved happy too 🙂

        1. Ranju

          Aww that is awesome. I’ll tag you & let you know. 🙂 Hehe will know about the happy hours tomo evening. 😀

          1. teny

            Found your tag on your last post 😀 Will put a post up after church today 🙂

  14. Akhiz

    Thanks for the follow Ranju, your writings are beautiful and you have a wonderful blog here 🙂

  15. brunda bru

    hey ranjini..i just stumbled upon your amazing blog:)loved that tresses poem and an initiative towads the donation of hairs to cancer patients:)great blog…:)

    1. Ranju

      Thanks a lot Brunda 🙂 Welcome to my blog.

  16. thenoveilst

    I’ve always wanted to visit Kerala. Been to other places in India.

    1. Ranju

      Do visit sometime 🙂 It is beautiful.

      1. thenoveilst

        Oh, I will. It’s been on my mind for years 🙂

  17. Santosh Namby

    thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me. Your writings are lovely. I hope you become a great writer and I get to read all your books.
    Keep writing 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thanks a lot. For one, encouraging me too. Two, for that heartfelt wish. It made my day. 🙂
      I just visited your photography page. It is absolutely beautiful 🙂
      Please do visit again 🙂

      1. Santosh Namby

        Don’t sell yourself short… I think your writings are lovely and one day you will top the best seller charts….
        And thanks for liking my photography… it is something I’m very passionate about 🙂
        PS: Don’t worry, I’ll drop in to your blog daily. Try and keep me away 😀

        1. Ranju

          I am humbled. That is my dream. And when you say it to me with so much conviction, it is such an encouragement. 🙂
          Oh the snaps are lovely. Isn’t there any comment box? I wanted to express my feelings about those butterflies but the site did not let me.

          1. Santosh Namby

            You visited my pics on santoshnc.com right? I think you have to log in to comment. Just some friendly advice, do join 500px.com. Its free and you will be mesmerised by some mind blowing photography. Just a word of caution, if you are opening the site at work, do apply the NSFW (not safe for work) filter as you may come across some (really awesome) nude photography. Visit the Popular and editors choice lists.
            If you have any doubts, do ping me 🙂
            Have a great evening and weekend….
            PS: Looking forward to your posts….

          2. Ranju

            Hi, yes I visited santoshnc.com. I’ll log in and see.
            Regarding the other site, will join and let you know when I do. Have been unwell for a while. I wouldn’t be opening it from workplace since the laptop is provided by the company and I don’t want to take any risks. 🙂

          3. Santosh Namby

            Why unwell? Please take care of your health. When I was in school, I loved to fall sick (yeah I’m probably mentally unstable :P) so that I could lie in bed all day and read ….
            Dont worry about the site, it was just a word of caution, you’ll probably not come across any image that would seem wrong and bad, I just warned you because I did not want you to see something and then hate me. 🙂
            PS: jokes aside, take care of your health….

      2. Santosh Namby

        Did you check out the pics on 500px.com?
        Hope you liked them….

        1. Ranju

          I couldn’t as of yet. I wasn’t well for a week and all I did was update my posts, reply to some comments and take rest. Will check them out once I am alright. 🙂

          1. Santosh Namby

            Please check out the pics, I’m a reader (can never be a writer) so the only creating I do is with my camera 🙂 and this site inspires me to no end….

  18. Ric mew

    Nicely written in few words about you and your nature . 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thank you and welcome to my blog 😀

  19. Nimmi

    Glad to meet a person who too loves books like crazy 😉 Thank you so much dear for loving my work. Looking forward to read more of your lovely work and to know about your views on books 😉

    1. Ranju

      Welcome to my blog Nimmi 🙂 It was a pleasure to read your posts. 😀

      1. Nimmi

        Ah!! Thank you, Ranju 🙂

  20. Keirthana

    I came over here from Kokila’s blog and your blog had me hooked on to it for an hour. I was going through your reason posts and felt that they are incredible. Especially loved the posts on book challenge you are doing and even more love the fact that you are a die hard harry potter fan. Friends used to call me a harry potter fanatic in college and I still remain the same. Read the book umpteen times and it never changes.
    Loved your blog and looking to read more of it 🙂
    Keirthana 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Wow Keirthana! This is a surprise. Because, if you say you came here through Kokila’s blog, I’d say I discovered your blog earlier. I loved your blog right then. 😀 Let me see if you can recognise me. 😛
      Your comment had me thrilled. I love your writing and getting appreciation from such a good writer is humbling. 🙂 And a fellow potterhead! I was called Harry Ranjini in college (sounds ridiculous but), you know what that means. 😀
      Welcome to my blog 🙂

  21. dilip

    Nice writings and interesting thoughts. Enjoyed my visit.
    All the best for your CA finals. 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thaaaank youuuu. 😀

  22. Hargun Wahi

    Its a pleasure to meet you..
    Its surprising how many common things i found between you and me from your blog, but the strongest thread was being CA final student 😛
    good luck to you !

  23. Akanksha Varma

    Hi Ranju! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog very much. But seriously, you like Sanskrit? I hate that language! I studied it for three years and it was my personal hell 😛 But, we have our choices. Look forward to your posts! All the best 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Hey Ajay congrats on your nomination and thanks a ton for passing it on 🙂 I won’t be able to write another post on the same since I have already accepted the award and written two posts on them. 🙂

  24. theextraaamile

    Hi Ranjini, whats with a lot of CA’s taking to blogging on wordpress, u’ll be my third on this platform :p Anyways, I am Savio from Goa and I believe you are from Kerala, if I am go by what I read above. Good to meet you. I have lived with in Kerala with the local people, I know more than a couple of things about life there 🙂
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Hi Savio 😀 Oh well, I would rather say that a lot of writers are ending up taking CA if you know what I mean 😉
      I am Ranjini from The Queen of Arabian Sea 🙂
      So do you know Malayalam? And what brought you to Kerala? 🙂

      1. theextraaamile

        well the food to be honest… i don’t love the food but yes, one can put on a lot of weight with the food one eats in the state. Malayalam..no….can’t speak it… but yeah ‘illa’ was the first word i learnt … and a few more…. when we meet i’d share my limited vocab in the langauge. I am in a cyber cafe in Chalakudy as I type this message to u 🙂

        1. Rangelz

          Yes sure. So what are you up to in Chalakudy?

          1. theextraaamile

            not much…there really isn’t much to do around in Kerala besides going to the numerous bakeries and munch on something (Pazham Pori being my fave) and otherwise the internet or maybe long walks…well I owe a blog post on the 8 days so far I have spent here… I return back early tomorrow. Its been… well…I don’t have a term for it :p

  25. Shalzzz

    Hi Ranju, Happy to find your space! You have a great blog here and I am only too glad to follow you. Keep blogging! Cheers!

    1. Rangelz

      Hi Shalzzz welcome to my blog 🙂
      Thank you for the follow. Looking forward to reading your posts too 🙂

  26. theextraaamile

    Ranjini 🙂 well messaging you on a platform like this… a girl from Kerala and myself being in Kerala at the moment..trust me it feels good…really good. I at least know one person even if its thru wordpress. It could get lonely very fast when you’re around strange people who stare at you when you ask them questions (language barrier) but then I understand…but still…
    coming into contact with you is like… ‘u are my savior’ 🙂 have a great day

    1. Rangelz

      Ooh that sounds great! And yes, I agree one could get lonely away from home. Hope you feel better. I have always despised the unnecessary stares people give. For anything and everything. Well, there isn’t much we can do about that. Anyhow, hope things get better soon.
      You too have a great day 🙂

  27. girlwithgoldenheart

    hey! it was fun reading ‘shade of you’ and i figured out i am pretty much like you- ‘the weirdo’ 😛

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you O girl with the golden heart 😀 Let us spread the weirdness 😉

  28. 4 year old adult

    I hope you are doing great. I have nominated you for the prestigious Liebster Award, please find the details here: https://4yearoldadult.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/leibster-award-3/
    Cheers 🙂

  29. Amreen Bashir Shaikh

    Very nice blog! I enjoyed reading some of your works! Hope to see you on my blog as well 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you Amreen. Do visit again. I am heading over to yours right now 🙂

  30. admirableindia

    keep posting the good articles , all the best.

  31. Rangelz

    Hi Dilip, yes it has been long indeed 🙂 Thank you for dropping by with a bunch of flowers 😀 How have you been?

  32. Aneesh Sreekumar

    Nalla Kannukal ! Your eyes are beautiful!
    Lovely intro! Hope you will carry all your great skills intact till the very last. We are polar opposites barring the LGBT and general view about women! All the best and have a great year ahead! Looking forward to reading your posts and listening to u croon.

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much 🙂
      I am super glad to know that we concur on the main two important issues. Mostly people are all daggers for those two.
      All the best to you too. 🙂 And well, welcome to my space 🙂

      1. Aneesh Sreekumar

        I’m looking forward to reading all your posts!!

  33. Rangelz

    Hehe I am not a fan of above 80%, But I have them occasionally. 😀

  34. Life360degrees

    Hey just stumbled upon your blog. I am CA too. Working abroad now. Follow your passion, become an author and live your dream. I love it when it comes straight from the heart. Following you.

    1. Rangelz

      Oh another CA 😀 Gradually this place is teeming with CAs present and prospective.
      Thank you so much for the advice and that is my plan 🙂

  35. Shiva Malekopmath

    An interesting About I have come across.
    “Mama Vishaye’
    I have read it fully, no skipping please.
    It was interesting to know that Ranjini is another name for Parvati of Shiva’s.
    And that you are delightful and you bring entertainment and joy for others.
    How can Shiva leave just like that looking back Ranjini.
    I click here the Follow button.
    Fond Regards!

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much for finding this space, reading and leaving your thoughts. I am glad that it interested you. A Warm welcome and hope to see you here more often. 🙂

  36. sudersansrini

    err, was that, consort, or escort?!

    1. Rangelz

      No no I don’t escort anyone 😛 It is consort indeed. Thank you so so sooo much for bringing that to my notice. 🙂

      1. sudersansrini

        That’s a googly… 😛
        The term was intriguing n the write up, interesting.. Gotta read ur kochi diaries….!

        1. Rangelz

          The term is serving its purpose in my blog I guess. Yes, please do. 🙂

  37. Rangelz

    The term or the write up? 😀

  38. saaranshsinghpundir

    HI Ranjini
    I must say this is a very strong ‘Mama Vishaye’…..its glad to know more about u 🙂
    Hope u read more of ur work…..keep smiling …happy blogging 😀

    1. Ranjini

      Thank you for your kind words Saaransh. I am glad you liked my space. 🙂 Happy blogging to you too 😀

    1. Ranjini

      Thank you so much Gaurav 😀

  39. Shivi Chinnappa

    Loved reading about you .. I came to your profile from your comments on bar a thon posts as your name made me to do so.. your name is half of my name( my profile name is different ,but its so easy to find my original name )Nice to know you..

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