A Birthday to Introspect

It was my Birthday yesterday. A very important one as I am stepping into the last bit of my twenties. Before I get into the details, do you know that I am a cusp, and that too of contradictory zodiac signs? Yeah! If interested, just google Leo-Virgo cusp and you'll see. I need a Nobel … Continue reading A Birthday to Introspect

Aangan Downtown Restaurant Review

Let me begin with this: I feel like I have found treasure near my house. Having been a part of a Facebook group 'Eat Kochi Eat', I kept seeing great reviews about Aangan Downtown Restaurant and had added it to my must visit eateries list. If you have read my earlier posts, you'll know that … Continue reading Aangan Downtown Restaurant Review

A Day to Extol the Legend – A R Rahman

Well, a day late! My playlist brims with the songs created by the legend who was born yesterday and so, how can I not come up with a post? I initially thought of singing one of his songs and tried recording a few. It has been more than a month since I sang and so, it … Continue reading A Day to Extol the Legend – A R Rahman

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Things haven't been going as I had expected. I began the 100 Happy Days challenge thinking I will be completing it by September. I had decided that I'll celebrate Onam properly this time by putting Pookalam on all ten days. I had planned to go for a game of snooker and bowling this month. Nothing … Continue reading Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

August is Here

Two things: I would like to warn you all in advance that there is going to be a lot of 'August' boasting around here. Most of you won't be able to relate to any of this because, it all happens in my head. If any of the other 11 months are reading this, I would … Continue reading August is Here

How We Refrained From Finishing The Cake

I had written a post earlier about preparing a cake in the easiest of possible ways - No oven and just 4 easy ingredients. Click HERE to read it.   I had been speaking highly of this cake to a friend but never prepared it for him. So, I decided to prepare it for his … Continue reading How We Refrained From Finishing The Cake

Sisters’ Day Out & The Creepy Guy

The story starring D (my sister) and I continues. Since there is a huge gap of 9 years between our ages, we weren't together for long. I left for my high school when she was in her 2nd standard. A tiny doll that she was, it was very difficult to be away from her. When … Continue reading Sisters’ Day Out & The Creepy Guy

Day 37 – Birthday Surprise

100 Happy Days - Day 37 Happiness is Birthday surprises! I am a huge fan of Birthdays. There is no better occasion where you can let your loved ones know how special they are. Some times I am in short of money or time, or things simply don't work out. Some times, I feel like … Continue reading Day 37 – Birthday Surprise

Day 20 – My Princess’ Birthday

100 Happy Days - Day 20 Happiness is my Ammamma's birthday!!! My (Ammamma) grandmother is a very important part of my life. If someone asks me whom I love the most, I would say Ammamma. I have always thought about writing a post dedicated to her. But I did not know where to begin. I … Continue reading Day 20 – My Princess’ Birthday

Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream

100 Happy Days - Day 3 Happiness is weddings and being asked to be someone's bridesmaid 😀 I have had many tiny & huge wishes. As a child I was very fond of pretty princess frocks, barbies, make up, long hair, nail polish etc. I was a typical girl and I still am. One of … Continue reading Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream

Did You Make Those Lists?

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why do we study? Why do we work? Why do we eat or breath or drink? With each answer, if we ask the question why, we reach the destination. We do all that we do because we exist and we have to continue to exist … Continue reading Did You Make Those Lists?

Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

Here is another year and there are many events coming up. How about getting prepared for them from now on? Note - Here I am talking about inexpensive gifts which are available for INR 300 or LESS. So if you are looking for higher budgets, I am sure you will have many more options. I … Continue reading Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meee meee… Happy Birthday to meee 🙂 It all began with the wishes at midnight. After which I finally slept, though with difficulty. There were so many thoughts passing through my mind - my previous birthdays, the surprises I got, how the next day … Continue reading I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!

Birthday of my personal diary :)

Gift... Check! Cake... Check! List of closest friends... Check! Chits... Check! My personal diary. Rather, more advanced. One who knows my next sentence. Reads my mind from my face. Interprets my sentences the way they have to be. One who knows everything about me. Who somehow knows how I feel at times. And has got … Continue reading Birthday of my personal diary 🙂