Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness, Self Improvement

Is Life Designed to be Difficult?

Have you asked yourself this question? I have! A million times or more. Some might say ‘You are what you believe’. That could be true. Perhaps if you believe that life is easy, it would just become easy. But I don’t believe so. While I am going to tell you why I believe so, I am also going to give you a purpose by the time you reach the end of the post. My reasoning is what made me believe in this purpose with a million times more conviction.

Finding Happiness, Self Improvement

A Revelation I Had About Happiness

I am out in my balcony enjoying my weekend and writing this blogpost. I haven’t been this peaceful in a long long time. But mind you, things aren’t perfect or all good in my life. Yet there is this strange peace and happiness within me. In this post, I am just going to brief you a bit about my day and my life currently and tell you about a revelation I had today about happiness. You’ll definitely feel uplifted after reading this post.

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