Appooppanthaadi – A Travel Group For Women

Ladies who love traveling but barely get a chance to travel due to so many reasons, you might want to pay attention to this post. If your reason involves lack of company, fear of traveling alone or skepticism to take the leap because you’ve never traveled ever, and if the seed of travel is still in you, I’m about to hook you up with one amazing travel group exclusively for the ladies – Appooppanthadi.


In this post I’ll write about the problems I faced while I switched to Cups and how I tackled them. This is aimed at the beginners and the ones a hairline away from taking the big leap into using the cups.

Little Ways of Finding Happiness and Achieving Goals

What makes you happy? The other day, I met a random stranger at a plant shop. We got to talking and since I was new to handling plants, she gave me some plant related tips. Later, I would go to the ATM to withdraw cash and meet her there again. We started walking from there … Continue reading Little Ways of Finding Happiness and Achieving Goals

Walking Out of the Storm

WALKING OUT OF THE STORM The rain had left the streets ravaged. In a strangely beautiful way. The way love leaves us, Shattered from the end, But dazed thinking of the beautiful journey. With the urge to forget the pain, And the yearning to hold on to every memory, I walked out of the storm, … Continue reading Walking Out of the Storm

Unfinished Kiss

#AnOdeToLove Can we freeze this moment? Right here. You and me, the rains drenching us, Hiding from prying eyes. A heartbeat away from each other. Every time I look at you, I lose sight of everything else. Around you, around me, the past, the future The reasons, the purposes. All I can see is you, … Continue reading Unfinished Kiss

Making Your Own Happiness

Here's a picture from my walk last week. One day I want to live in a house like this, with French windows and cascading greenery around. 🙂 It has been a wonderful week. My morning routine is coming along very well. Last weekend, I had attended the Art of Living Happiness Program. The breathing techniques … Continue reading Making Your Own Happiness

Hesitating At the Entrance

The gate. It's ajar; an invitation. I don't know what's within. I can walk in or choose to ignore it. It looks eerie. Slightly haunted. Perhaps, there's danger lurking right where the fog blinds me. Or perhaps, it's a haven. I hesitate at the entrance, weighing the pros and cons. What if it's a wrong … Continue reading Hesitating At the Entrance

Existence Fading into Emptiness

One fine day I woke up and realized, That the right side of my bed had always been creaseless. The fights, about who loved more, were all by myself. I had been staring at emptiness while I thought I was admiring your beauty. The midday conversations we had, those sudden morning kisses, deciding what food … Continue reading Existence Fading into Emptiness

Chekutty – The Dolls that Survived the Floods

ചേക്കുട്ടി - ചേറിനെ അതിജീവിച്ച കുട്ടി The child that survived the mud (Floods) - This is what Chekutty means. When Kerala was immersed in the floods in 2018, the Chendamangalam Handloom Wevers’ Co-operative Society faced a massive loss. Many workers lost their jobs, the machines were all destroyed and the garments were smeared with mud and … Continue reading Chekutty – The Dolls that Survived the Floods

Because You and I Need This at Some Point

Putting things off, not living life to the fullest, harboring dreams that never seem to manifest are all part of many of our lives. We try so many different things to change our habits, get over our laziness, improve our lifestyle and we always end up where we began. During the last couple of years, … Continue reading Because You and I Need This at Some Point

A Bucket-list For a Better Lifestyle in 2019

Creating Bucketlist is like letting the Universe and yourself know the list of things you wish to achieve. It is the first step to getting yourself up and moving. Here is mine for 2019. Hope it inspires you as well.

The Year that Flew Past

  2019 came so silently that I didn't even know how the New Year flew by. I haven't been blogging at all after I got my job and dust has begun to settle on my blog. 2018 was eventful in both good and bad ways, but mostly good. It is customary for me to make … Continue reading The Year that Flew Past

One Day Trip to Udupi, Karnataka

I made a trip to Udupi and Mangalore last month. It was one among the 12 trips I am planning to complete in 2018. Udupi, among many other things, is famous for the Udupi Krishna Temple. The district is well placed. Being on the Western side of South India, it has the beaches. Gokarna is … Continue reading One Day Trip to Udupi, Karnataka

96 The Movie Depicts Love and Life as it is

96 The Movie swept us off the feet with its songs. Specially Kaathale had wrapped its tendrils around my heart and had tugged at it while I completely surrendered to Govind Vasantha’s music. To the call of that howling wolf. The movie it is not for everyone. The entire movie lacks any kind of action. … Continue reading 96 The Movie Depicts Love and Life as it is

Book Review – The Last Attractor of Chaos

Book Name - The Last Attractor of Chaos Author - Abhinav Singh Rating - 3.5/5 "Whenever chaos go beyond a measure of control, it gives birth to an attractor to restore balance." This line from the book reminded me of, "Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge". Gist - Ashwin Rathore gets killed and as he dies, … Continue reading Book Review – The Last Attractor of Chaos