Four Beliefs or Opinions

Day 3 - Four Beliefs or Opinions I am back after a break with the Four things Ten Days Challenge. If you have been a long time friend of mine, you'd already know that I have some really strong beliefs & opinions. I wouldn't say that I am right about everything. I could be wrong. … Continue reading Four Beliefs or Opinions

The Lord’s Laments

Today, as I was browsing through Facebook, a series of satirical quotes caught my attention. The author portrays how certain religious beliefs scream irony so much so that even God is flabbergasted. But, we humans do not question them because come on! We go to hell if we do. And no! You don't need to know … Continue reading The Lord’s Laments

Book Review: Ramayana – The Game of Life

Introduction Book: Ramayana - The Game of Life: Stolen Hope Author: Shubha Vilas Publisher: Jaico Books Note: This book is third in the series of six books We have all heard the story of Rama and also its various versions. Most of us know of the peripheral whats, whens, hows & whys, and the story as … Continue reading Book Review: Ramayana – The Game of Life

Mere Toh Giridhar Gopal

To start with, here is a picture of the naughty butter boy Krishna shared by my College senior yesterday. This is the altar in her room and I couldn't help but share this beauty. 🙂 100 Happy Days - Day 58 Happiness is the magnificent form of the Lord   We have a Krishna Temple … Continue reading Mere Toh Giridhar Gopal

Visit to A Paradise

I was out of town for a few days last month. Had gone to Ochira, Kollam for my sister's admission. A very peaceful and beautiful place with the Sea on one side and the ocean on the other. I got back a couple of days back, after which I fell ill. So I missed a … Continue reading Visit to A Paradise

Kochi Diaries 2 – The Police Museum

Fort Kochi Mattanchery Trip - Part II - The Police Museum Read the first part Here. Continuing from our Mattanchery trip, we visited the Police Museum where they had displayed some really interesting stuff. We entered through the left side where they had displayed mannequins with various police uniforms starting from the Travancore Kings' era … Continue reading Kochi Diaries 2 – The Police Museum

Kochi Diaries 1 – Fort Kochi, Mattanchery Trip

100 Happy Days - Day 32 Happiness is going on trips Part 1 - Fort Kochi, Mattanchery Being a Kochiite, I have never gone to Fort Kochi or Mattanchery as a visitor. I never had the opportunity. But for some time now I have been wanting to go there. Specially after I went to Fort … Continue reading Kochi Diaries 1 – Fort Kochi, Mattanchery Trip