A Bucket-list For a Better Lifestyle in 2019

Creating Bucketlist is like letting the Universe and yourself know the list of things you wish to achieve. It is the first step to getting yourself up and moving. Here is mine for 2019. Hope it inspires you as well.

11 Stark Truths that Will Make Adulting Easier

How many of us have watched Bollywood and thought that Love was what they showed in movies? How many times have you been told not to voice your opinions because the other person may not like it? How many times have you seen body-shaming being normalized? As we grow, there are some cues that we … Continue reading 11 Stark Truths that Will Make Adulting Easier

When Strangers Surprise You

6th September 2018: Today I am yearning to write. After a long long time. Today something heartwarming and beautiful happened. Today I was in a fix and a random stranger helped me out. After work, Chin and I decided to go Specs shopping. Not that I was desperate to spend on spectacles, but my eye … Continue reading When Strangers Surprise You

The Art of Apology

  A colleague of yours hurled verbal abuses at you. He insulted you to the core and accused you of committing a mistake which you did not commit. After about a week, he realizes his mistake, comes to you and says casually, ‘Apparently it wasn’t your fault. Sorry for blaming you’ and he leaves. Will … Continue reading The Art of Apology

If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

Do you know the amount of poison we are being exposed to on a daily basis? Do you eat the Chemicals that you put on your skin? A friend’s post on instagram and our conversation following that, opened my eyes to it. Elaine from The Fire spirit blog sent me this video by Fittuber in … Continue reading If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

Saying Yes to The World

“I couldn’t sleep yesterday!” “Why so?” “We went patrolling.” “What patrolling?”, I was baffled. We were 21 when we had this conversation. We were both mere CA students and he wasn’t in any sort of organization that went patrolling during the nights. “Prostitution.” I held my breath. It wasn’t a topic I wanted to discuss … Continue reading Saying Yes to The World

Changing The Way We See Equality Improves Life

We strive to achieve equality in many ways, in many areas in our lives. And it is when we strive to achieve equality that we begin to keep scores, we strive for perfection and seek to take revenge. I'd like two discuss two areas here: