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The Ebb and Flow of my Fitness Journey – Part 1

I have always read and listened to the stories of fitness freaks; people who have been into fitness for years, who have a solid routine and who cannot think of a day without working out. While what they do is extremely interesting, I never could relate to them when they say they had a phase when they did not work out. Hence I, being a beginner, decided to journal my journey through my blog. The aim is to document my struggles as and when they happen and come back to this a few years later to see how far I have come. Also, I know that one day, fitness will become a part of my routine and these posts will serve as a ray of hope for anyone who would be, where I am now.

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Gokarna; A Potpourri of Beaches, Temples, Caves, Forests and Fort

Gokarna is a potpourri of temples with its very traditional South Indian temple-town vibe on the one side, and the completely opposite, hippie, beach vibe on the other. You need to be there to see how the town holds all of it together so gracefully! I’ll not lie to you. This blogpost is going to be long, but it is the perfect guide to Gokarna. In addition to this, you can watch my video wherein I have tried to capture the soul of Gokarna for you all.

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