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Want some doze of happiness? Here is my daily dose of happiness – for you and for me. We all are familiar about the 100 Happy Days challenge. All you have to do is, post an image about the thing that made you happy everyday for 100 days. If you don’t have the image, stating your reason for happiness will do.
As you go through this challenge, you will notice that initially, you’ll have to hunt for reasons to be happy. Soon, these reasons will find you and by the end of the challenge, you will have many reasons to be happy and your life will be filled with positivity.

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You might wonder how posting some images could change your life. It is not the image that changes you. It is your own mind. Happiness is a state of mind and one must find it from within. We must, within our limitations, find reasons to be happy. That is what we are doing involuntarily through this challenge.
Majority of people who took up this challenge left it incomplete. The reason they gave was, lack of time. Isn’t it sad to know that we don’t  have time to be happy these days? I am taking up this challenge for many reasons:

  • To bring positive vibes in my life.
  • To spread the word about 100 Happy Days.
  • To inspire more people to take up the challenge through my posts.
  • To give ideas on how little things could make us happy.
  • When you are feeling blue, just go through my list and you might find something happy to do. 🙂

If you like this idea and want to bring some changes in your life too, you can begin this as and when you want to. If you successfully complete the challenge, you will get a print of your happy moments too.  You can head over to the 100HappyDays site and know more about it.
For those who aren’t even thinking of starting this since you are way too sure that you can’t do justice, you can make your own rules. For instance, post every alternate day. Or begin the challenge and continue it, even if it breaks in between. Ultimately, going on is what matters.

Here are my Happy moments so far:

Day 1 – A Trip to The Beach
Day 2 – Playing Games With Friends
Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream
Day 4 – O Kadhal Kanmani
Day 5 – When The Needle Crosses The Line
Day 6 – Pampering Yourself
Day 7 – I’m The Chef
Day 8 – When Someone You Love Beats You
Day 9 – Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Papdi Chat & Earphones
Day 10 – Getting Things Right The First Time
Day 11 – Flying Chokers
Day 12 – Emails: Harbingers of Joy
Day 13 – Visitors on The Windowsill
Day 14 – Surprise Visits
Day 15 – Choosing Colours
Day 16 – Reading Books
Day 17 – Watching Sitcoms
Day 18 – Opening Yourself Up to New Experiences
Day 19 – Found New Cookies
Day 20 – My Princess’ Birthday
Day 21 – Playing Badminton
Day 22 – Beginning A Saptaham
Day 23 – Picked Among The Top 15 Love and Relationship posts
Day 24 – Completing The 200th Post
Day 25 – Chocolates
Day 26 – Sharing Knowledge
Day 27 – A Phone That Stops Dying
Day 28 – Tiny Bottles of Colors

Day 29 – The Monsoons

Day 30 – Music

Day 31 – Back To Quilling

Day 32 – Kochi Diaries 1 – Fort Kochi, Mattanchery Trip

Day 33 – Love

Day 34 – Cafe Mania
Day 35 – Watching Harry Potter Movies Back to Back
Day 36 – Overwhelming Moments
Day 37 – Birthday Surprise
Day 38 – Error While Browsing
Day 39 – I Love Stalking
Day 40 – An Extraordinary Quote
Day 41 – Sisters’ Day Out & The Creepy Guy
Day 42 – Bottled Memories
Day 43 – Failures – My Catalysts
Day 44 – A Purple Candle stand
Day 45 – How We Refrained From Finishing The Cake
Day 46 – Jewellery of My Choice
Day 47 – About Tiny, New Fingers & Toes
Day 48 – Converting My Weaknesses Into Strength
Day 49 – I Found MY Design
Day 50 – My First Winning Post
Day 51 – August is Here
Day 52 – A Visit to a Paradise
Day 53 – Having Deep Conversations
Day 54 – Some Crazily Random Facts to Judge Me
Day 55 – And I am not proud of it!
Day 56 – A Spark of Inspiration

Day 57 – Explosions in My Mouth

Day 58 – Mere Toh Giridhar Gopal

Day 59 – Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Day 60 – Surya Namaskar

Day 61 – Dancing Dolls & Vibrant Bedspreads

Day 62 – Malls & Friends

Day 63 – My Little Munchkins

Day 64 – A Heart Rending Tale of Love

Day 65 – The Chennai Rains – A Positive Note

Day 66 -The Unexpected Gift

Day 67 – Nothing Like A Glass of Wine

Day 68 – The Good Dinosaur

Day 69 -Kochi Diaries 3 – Exploring My City

Day 70 – The Game of Monopoly

Day 71 – The Christmas Spirit
Day 72 – Never Compare Those Trees
Day 73 – The Years Changed, Nothing in Between
Day 74 – A Gift that Returned a Smile
Day 75 – The Year in a Capsule
Day 89 – A Peahen in my Enchanted Woods
Day 90 – Trip to Kuzhippilly Beach & Narikulam Tharavadu


  1. teny

    I guess I will read these and go happy! 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      I really hope you do 😀

      1. teny

        Surely coming close to that 😀

  2. dilip

    Yes indeed it’s cool 🙂

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  4. iamabloggertoo

    That’s a nice list of happiness related posts to choose from to read ! 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much 🙂

  5. @gauravskaintura

    It’s really beautiful, how consistently you worked with this challenge, picking up the happiness that you find along your way. Great and Congrats.

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