A TV Series & its Books

I started watching Game of Thrones in the beginning of 2015. At first, I was aghast seeing some parts of it but gradually, it got intriguing. With time, I began to judge the characters - love some, hate some, placed some in the clueless category. And George R R Martin never let me rest in … Continue reading A TV Series & its Books


I had begun the #100HappyDays challenge in July. But I couldn't carry out the challenge the way it is supposed to be carried out. I missed a day or two in between and finally, when I had to study, I stopped it entirely. Earlier, when something like this happened, I used to stop it midway … Continue reading Thrikkarthika

Day 2 – Playing Games With Friends

100 Happy Days - Day 2 Happiness is playing indoor games with friends.  This is something that happens very rarely. As you know from my previous post, our exams just got over. And this time, I really studied my brains out. I was looking forward to some nice activity after exams and sure enough it … Continue reading Day 2 – Playing Games With Friends