All You Need to Know About The Something New Everyday Challenge

Before I begin, let me say this once again. I found the challenge very useful. I am not the same person I had been a month ago. I have become more productive, focused and reduced the bouts of overthinking I used to do. I am sure you will benefit from this too.

Day 30 – Many Questions, One Answer

30 Days' Book Challenge - Day 30 - Many Questions, One Answer I had saved the last post for a reason. I prepared this list of 30 Days' Challenge from various prompts. Since you all know that I am a crazy Potterhead, it would be only obvious that for most of the prompts I came across, … Continue reading Day 30 – Many Questions, One Answer

Day 29 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist

30 Days Book Challenge -Day 29 - The Most Surprising Plot Twist There are many books with multiple plot twists. We could name authors who constantly surprise us with their twists - JK Rowling (Obvio!), Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown etc are but a few among the ocean of authors. Somehow, this time it is an … Continue reading Day 29 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist

Day 28 – A Book That Disappointed Me

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 28 - A Book That Disappointed Me Asura, Tale of the Vanquished by Anand Neelakanthan Ramayana has eluded me from many angles. I never agreed with many of the practices of Lord Rama, the most important being, distrusting Sita and asking her to go through the Agni-pareeksha. Stories, having been told … Continue reading Day 28 – A Book That Disappointed Me

Day 27 – Favorite OTPs

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 27 - Favorite One True Pairings This might be a repetition of characters and books. But I can't help it. They deserve the best. By the way, I just can't stop with one OTP. 🙂 1. Holly and Gerry from P.S I Love you   2. Remus Lupin and … Continue reading Day 27 – Favorite OTPs

Day 24 – Favorite Quotes

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 24 - Favorite Quotes From -Brida by Paulo Coelho   This was a beautiful book I read. Many may not concur with me. But this was a subtle soup consisting of witchcraft, search for the inner self, magic, spirituality, soulmate etc. There are some pretty points about finding  a soulmate. … Continue reading Day 24 – Favorite Quotes

Day 23 – Most Overrated Book

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 23- Most Overrated Book Fifty Shades of Grey   I knew what I was laying my hands on when I picked up the book. But I really wasn't expecting this: A story about a girl (Ana) who couldn't hold herself together after setting her eyes on a hot guy (Grey). … Continue reading Day 23 – Most Overrated Book

Day 22 – The Best Book I Read This Year

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 22 - The Best Book I Read This Year It has been only 1.5 months since this year began. So, my pick for the year would be from among 3 books. Divergent by Veronica Roth It is a dystopian novel that I doubt everyone would like. In the beginning, … Continue reading Day 22 – The Best Book I Read This Year

Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 21  - My Favorite Author(s) Enid Blyton Because she made my childhood beautiful. I could go on and on about the books I read. But sadly, I don't remember half of them. I enjoyed. Yes, a lot. A LOT. So much that, I had begun to write a book about … Continue reading Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 20 - 5 Books From My To Read List Phew! Can't believe that I just completed 20 days of this challenge. Which means I just posted for 20 days at a stretch! This calls for a self pat. Well done Ranju! I lou you. ❤ So here I am giving the … Continue reading Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List