The Chennai Rains – A Positive Note

100 Happy Days - Day 65 Happy to Be a Part of a Dynamic Youth There has been immense loss of lives and property due to the floods in Chennai. We, being in the neighboring state, could actually understand the gravity of the situation. You begin to understand a situation only when you or someone … Continue reading The Chennai Rains – A Positive Note

Day 30 – Many Questions, One Answer

30 Days' Book Challenge - Day 30 - Many Questions, One Answer I had saved the last post for a reason. I prepared this list of 30 Days' Challenge from various prompts. Since you all know that I am a crazy Potterhead, it would be only obvious that for most of the prompts I came across, … Continue reading Day 30 – Many Questions, One Answer

Day 29 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist

30 Days Book Challenge -Day 29 - The Most Surprising Plot Twist There are many books with multiple plot twists. We could name authors who constantly surprise us with their twists - JK Rowling (Obvio!), Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown etc are but a few among the ocean of authors. Somehow, this time it is an … Continue reading Day 29 – The Most Surprising Plot Twist

Day 28 – A Book That Disappointed Me

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 28 - A Book That Disappointed Me Asura, Tale of the Vanquished by Anand Neelakanthan Ramayana has eluded me from many angles. I never agreed with many of the practices of Lord Rama, the most important being, distrusting Sita and asking her to go through the Agni-pareeksha. Stories, having been told … Continue reading Day 28 – A Book That Disappointed Me

Day 27 – Favorite OTPs

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 27 - Favorite One True Pairings This might be a repetition of characters and books. But I can't help it. They deserve the best. By the way, I just can't stop with one OTP. 🙂 1. Holly and Gerry from P.S I Love you   2. Remus Lupin and … Continue reading Day 27 – Favorite OTPs

Day 25 – Favorite Female Characters

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 25 - Favorite Female Character Molly Weasley from Harry Potter   Oh that Woman is tough! She is everything. She loves her family and would do about anything for her loved ones. Anything includes cooking, cleaning, all the chores, fight, fight real bad. If she has an opinion about you, … Continue reading Day 25 – Favorite Female Characters

Day 24 – Favorite Quotes

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 24 - Favorite Quotes From -Brida by Paulo Coelho   This was a beautiful book I read. Many may not concur with me. But this was a subtle soup consisting of witchcraft, search for the inner self, magic, spirituality, soulmate etc. There are some pretty points about finding  a soulmate. … Continue reading Day 24 – Favorite Quotes

Day 23 – Most Overrated Book

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 23- Most Overrated Book Fifty Shades of Grey   I knew what I was laying my hands on when I picked up the book. But I really wasn't expecting this: A story about a girl (Ana) who couldn't hold herself together after setting her eyes on a hot guy (Grey). … Continue reading Day 23 – Most Overrated Book

Day 22 – The Best Book I Read This Year

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 22 - The Best Book I Read This Year It has been only 1.5 months since this year began. So, my pick for the year would be from among 3 books. Divergent by Veronica Roth It is a dystopian novel that I doubt everyone would like. In the beginning, … Continue reading Day 22 – The Best Book I Read This Year

Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 21  - My Favorite Author(s) Enid Blyton Because she made my childhood beautiful. I could go on and on about the books I read. But sadly, I don't remember half of them. I enjoyed. Yes, a lot. A LOT. So much that, I had begun to write a book about … Continue reading Day 21 – My Favorite Author(s)

Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 20 - 5 Books From My To Read List Phew! Can't believe that I just completed 20 days of this challenge. Which means I just posted for 20 days at a stretch! This calls for a self pat. Well done Ranju! I lou you. ❤ So here I am giving the … Continue reading Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List

Day 18 – WTF Just Happened Book Ending

Spoiler alert!!! It is a book by Chetan Bhagat. If you're planning to read any, avoid this post. 30 Days Book Challenge - Day 18 - WTF Just Happened Book Ending Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan. I read 5 point someone, One night at the call center & 3 … Continue reading Day 18 – WTF Just Happened Book Ending

Day 17 – Worst Reading Experience

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 17 - Worst Reading experience Life is What You Make it by Preeti Shenoy. I'm really sorry about this dear Preeti Shenoy fans. It was quite alright until halfway. But by then my patience was wearing off. It was one hell of a depressing ride that I was desperate … Continue reading Day 17 – Worst Reading Experience

Day 16 – Favorite Title of a Book

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 16 - Favorite Title of a Book Most of Sidney Sheldon Books - Granted! He is famous for his awesome twisty plots. But I must say, the names just lure us into reading them.  The Rage of Angels The Other side of Midnight Morning Noon Night Doomsday Conspiracy Sands of Time. Just … Continue reading Day 16 – Favorite Title of a Book

Day 15 -Book That I Read For School

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 15 -Book Story That I Read For School We had various books like Tom Sawyer, The Invisible Man, Malgudi Days etc. But No! I am not talking about a 'book' here. It is a short story that we had in our English, CBSE Main Course Book. It was a … Continue reading Day 15 -Book That I Read For School