11 Songs That Stir My Soul.

A R Rahman is my God of music. I used to listen to melodies often but never bothered to look who the music director was. Many years after my playlist grew, I happened to notice that most of the songs I had were A R Rahman's. Slowly, as I fell in love with the creation, … Continue reading 11 Songs That Stir My Soul.

Is Kissing A Crime?

This happened around a month and a half ago. A TV Channel -Jaihind- belonging to a political party, ran a news report showing footage of couples engaged in 'immoral' activities. The footage was nothing but that of a couple kissing in the cafe. The news also mentioned that the cafe was the ground for other … Continue reading Is Kissing A Crime?

The Touch of Love

Ved and Anwesha had been dating for a year. She remembered vividly all the lovely times they had spent together. The first time he held her fingers, looked at them and said,"Beautiful nail color". The first time they just sat next to each other, saying nothing, but looking at each other and smiling occasionally. The … Continue reading The Touch of Love

At the dawn of love, did they part.

She- a wanderer, from moor to meadows, ocean to land, and woods to willows, -sat by the woods, thinking of those faces, that have walked past her & left no traces. A handful of faces, stayed forever in her heart. Some came, left & came again for their part. Some left to never look back, … Continue reading At the dawn of love, did they part.