The Butterflies and Mighty Waterfalls

Thumbormozhi and Athirappilly Episode Our trip began with Ezhattumugham about which you can read here. This is the continuation of the trip. 3. Thumbormozhi This is a butterfly garden situated next to Ezhattumugham. There is a separate entrance for the same. But if you are crossing the suspension bridge, it will take you to the backside of … Continue reading The Butterflies and Mighty Waterfalls

The Seven Faces

100 Happy Days - Day 77 A Trip to Ezhattumugham and Athirappilly waterfalls - Ezhattumugham Episode I heard of the place Ezhattumugham from my good friend Teny for the first time. I had made a mental note to go to this place when my aunt arrived from US, my cousin suggested this place and all of … Continue reading The Seven Faces