Best Facebook Pages for Self Discovery

Among all the social media sites around, Facebook is my favorite. It might be because I have been delving deeper into the jungle that FB is through the ages. In my quest, I did find some amazing pages and communities there. While bloggers flock around twitter, I haven't quite gotten the hang of twitter and … Continue reading Best Facebook Pages for Self Discovery

Things that annoy me on Facebook

There was a time when I sent friend requests to acquaintances, whose friendship wasn't necessary for me, just so that I could increase the number of friends in Facebook. Then slowly I figured out that the number of friends did not matter. It didn't matter if it was a small close group or a large one and … Continue reading Things that annoy me on Facebook

Twist in an old tale

2 years back I had written a post about my childhood friend. For those who haven’t read it, here it is. Nameless-friendship-a-golden-shade I had accepted the fact that I may not see him again. I wasn’t bent upon finding him either. Because I believe certain relationships are beautiful when they are incomplete. Let me tell … Continue reading Twist in an old tale