Letters, Rains, Books, Conversations – A Friendship

100 Happy Days - Day 88 Happiness is friendship in rain, with book, through letters and conversation. It was 6.50 am. The queue began from the first floor, stretched through the staircase to the ground floor and out. I was on the staircase closer to the first floor. I heard Carnatic music emanating from the room … Continue reading Letters, Rains, Books, Conversations – A Friendship

The Years Changed, Nothing in Between

Met a friend after a long time. To know what she is to me, our pranks and our college days, read the flashback. To read what happened when we met, read my happy day. Hope you enjoy 🙂

About Tiny, New Fingers & Toes

A close friend of mine and his wife were blessed with a Baby Boy today!!! 😀 This is his debut appearance on my blog. I don't remember writing about him before. We worked together around 6 years back. Both of us had just graduated and had joined a tiny firm for time pass. Well, I … Continue reading About Tiny, New Fingers & Toes

Day 14 – Surprise Visits

100 Happy Days - Day 14 Happiness is when friends decide to give surprise visits. Tomorrow my CS exams begins. Today noon, I was trying to study when suddenly the bell rang. I don't know who got the door. But my sister came and told me that my friends had come home. I was awestruck … Continue reading Day 14 – Surprise Visits

Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

Here is another year and there are many events coming up. How about getting prepared for them from now on? Note - Here I am talking about inexpensive gifts which are available for INR 300 or LESS. So if you are looking for higher budgets, I am sure you will have many more options. I … Continue reading Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meee meee… Happy Birthday to meee 🙂 It all began with the wishes at midnight. After which I finally slept, though with difficulty. There were so many thoughts passing through my mind - my previous birthdays, the surprises I got, how the next day … Continue reading I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!

Twist in an old tale

2 years back I had written a post about my childhood friend. For those who haven’t read it, here it is. Nameless-friendship-a-golden-shade I had accepted the fact that I may not see him again. I wasn’t bent upon finding him either. Because I believe certain relationships are beautiful when they are incomplete. Let me tell … Continue reading Twist in an old tale

Heaven is here – find yours.

Heaven is the familiar sweet smell of your mother when you lie on her lap and she hugs you. ♥♥♥ Heaven is when your stomach grumbles, your grand-mom conjures up her handmade food without your asking for it. 🙂 Your grumbling tummy automatically texts her. 😀 ♥♥♥ Heaven is when you successfully fight back your … Continue reading Heaven is here – find yours.