Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

Here is another year and there are many events coming up. How about getting prepared for them from now on? Note - Here I am talking about inexpensive gifts which are available for INR 300 or LESS. So if you are looking for higher budgets, I am sure you will have many more options. I … Continue reading Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

A Writer’s Love – Paper Products.

*Ting Tong!* I went to get the door and guess what greeted me? The moment I held it, I remembered that I had registered for the contest 'Scribble your heart away' by┬áMatrikas Paper Products. Excited, I went inside and tore open the packet and saw the spine of 2 books. 'Wow! Two!?' I pulled out … Continue reading A Writer’s Love – Paper Products.