One Stop Gifting Solution –

A couple of years back, my sister and I had decided to celebrate Mom's birthday with lots of gifts and surprises. One thing we had planned was to send her a bouquet. I tried searching for shops online since we wanted to get it delivered to her office which was in another district. But no … Continue reading One Stop Gifting Solution –

The Years Changed, Nothing in Between

Met a friend after a long time. To know what she is to me, our pranks and our college days, read the flashback. To read what happened when we met, read my happy day. Hope you enjoy 🙂

The Game of Monopoly

100 Happy Days - Day 70 I remember I had the game of 'Business' when I was a child. But the money were in coins. With time, we lost the coins and all I had was the board which was split in the middle. Our aunt came visiting and guess what she gifted my sister? The … Continue reading The Game of Monopoly

I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meeee… Happy Birthday to meee meee… Happy Birthday to meee 🙂 It all began with the wishes at midnight. After which I finally slept, though with difficulty. There were so many thoughts passing through my mind - my previous birthdays, the surprises I got, how the next day … Continue reading I Can’t Keep Calm Because It Was My Birthday!!!