Potatoes, Pickles & Grandma-Fairy dust

On some days, the moment I enter the gate of our apartments the aroma of food wafts in. Especially if it is lunch time. I can easily spot the Aroma from our kitchen because, well, I have known it for 27 years! My, until-then-quiet-&-happy stomach would start grumbling and the tap of my salivary gland … Continue reading Potatoes, Pickles & Grandma-Fairy dust

Grandma Tales

  "Whom do you like the most? Your father or your mother?" This was (and is I guess) a cliched question people asked children. When they used to ask me, I used to think just for a moment and say, "My Ammamma." That is what I call my Grandma. I had been thinking of starting … Continue reading Grandma Tales

My Tantrum Girl

"It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. Can I be your valentine and take you out for a movie?" I asked in a sing-song soft voice to which anyone could have only said a 'Yes'. "What does that mean?", she asked curiously, ignoring just about everything. "It's a day for Love. Mostly couples celebrate though it need not … Continue reading My Tantrum Girl

The Women in My Life

I have been wondering for a while as to why do we have a separate day to celebrate womanhood and why did that happen to be on March 8th. I have heard people raise such questions on many occasion. I saw some rants in FB saying everyday is a day of love, why celebrate it … Continue reading The Women in My Life

Heaven is here – find yours.

Heaven is the familiar sweet smell of your mother when you lie on her lap and she hugs you. ♥♥♥ Heaven is when your stomach grumbles, your grand-mom conjures up her handmade food without your asking for it. 🙂 Your grumbling tummy automatically texts her. 😀 ♥♥♥ Heaven is when you successfully fight back your … Continue reading Heaven is here – find yours.