My Bucketlist for 2017

A New Year has begun. Wishing all my friends here a wonderful 2017! Last year, I made a bucket list┬áthinking I should do everything in it by the end of the year. 2016 just flew! I don't remember any of the 12 months actually being there! The bucket list┬ádidn't work out too well either. So, … Continue reading My Bucketlist for 2017

A Compilation of Routine Check-ups For Women

Saturday, 1st August 2015 - National Girlfriends Day. This post is dedicated to the four women in my life, my girlfriends and to all the strong and beautiful women out there. Also, to all the men who have been loving and supporting the women in their lives. There is a notion in our society. If … Continue reading A Compilation of Routine Check-ups For Women