Four Beliefs or Opinions

Day 3 - Four Beliefs or Opinions I am back after a break with the Four things Ten Days Challenge. If you have been a long time friend of mine, you'd already know that I have some really strong beliefs & opinions. I wouldn't say that I am right about everything. I could be wrong. … Continue reading Four Beliefs or Opinions

Having Deep Conversations

A couple of days back, I had updated my whatsapp status and it said: Back in college, we roommates used to have frequent conversations. We never had cell phones and so when all of were in the room, we started with casual talks. Slowly we went from topic to topic and ended up having deep … Continue reading Having Deep Conversations

God, Speak to me!

This is a beautiful piece of writing I came across few years back and I had noted it down in my diary. Thought I'd share this.Writer: Anonymous   The little child whispered, 'God speak to me' And the meadow Lark sang, but the child didn't hear. So the child yelled, 'God! Speak to me!!!' And … Continue reading God, Speak to me!