My Bucketlist for 2017

A New Year has begun. Wishing all my friends here a wonderful 2017! Last year, I made a bucket list thinking I should do everything in it by the end of the year. 2016 just flew! I don't remember any of the 12 months actually being there! The bucket list didn't work out too well either. So, … Continue reading My Bucketlist for 2017

Day 30 – Music

100 Happy Days - Day 30 Happiness is listening to music. I am a choosy music lover. My playlist consists of melodies and most of them are Hindi songs. The minority consists of Malayalam, English and Tamil songs. Any kind of melody will not suffice for me. There are some particular type of Raagas and … Continue reading Day 30 – Music

Dance Or/And Music

R was four. An animated, naughty girl chattering away at every chance she got. The only time she was silent was when her Music Sir used to walk in to teach her music. She liked singing. But she never liked it when she had to attend music lessons. Things did not work that way. Forcing her … Continue reading Dance Or/And Music

11 Songs That Stir My Soul.

A R Rahman is my God of music. I used to listen to melodies often but never bothered to look who the music director was. Many years after my playlist grew, I happened to notice that most of the songs I had were A R Rahman's. Slowly, as I fell in love with the creation, … Continue reading 11 Songs That Stir My Soul.