Come See Me

Come see me, Not because you have something to give me Not because you need something from me. *** Come see me Not because you passed by Not because it is my birthday Not because it is our anniversary *** Come see me, Only if you have that overpowering urge to see me That makes you … Continue reading Come See Me

Day 40 – An Extraordinary Quote

100 Happy Days - Day 40 Happiness is being nominated for an activity. My friend Supreet nominated me for the 3 days quote challenge. He blogs at where he focuses on inspiring and giving helpful tips on self improvement to his readers. Thank you Supreet for the nomination. 🙂 The rules are: - Thank the blogger who nominated … Continue reading Day 40 – An Extraordinary Quote

Day 12 – Favorite Quote

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 12 - Favorite Quote I don't remember the book. But I remember noting this down when I read something. Whenever you think I am never going to make it, remember this:   A lot can happen between now and never. 🙂          

I tried to hold time

I grab a handful of the sands of time, to never let the moment go. The more I try to hold them in my palm, the more they seep through my fingers and fall into a dune of old memories that fade with the wind.