Some Inappropriate Things

Read Some Inappropriate things  - 1 here That week, a movie had been the reason for his visit. He visited again the next week, this time because he had to buy some new clothes for himself. During a few earlier visits too, she had helped him pick his clothes. It had become their 'thing' now. If he … Continue reading Some Inappropriate Things

Ever Wondered What Your Dogs Were Trying to Say?

  Note:  Ginger the dog's thoughts are given in the bracket. Liya is on her bed, reading a book when her Dog strolls into the room, "Hey Ginger! Come here come here." Ginger is about to settle on his spot, "Woof! Woof!" (I am sleepy! Gonna a take a nap) Liya picks her up, keeps … Continue reading Ever Wondered What Your Dogs Were Trying to Say?

Some Inappropriate Things

As they walked through the platform, his hands brushed against hers. There were people everywhere, going in all directions. Some going towards the train, some away from it, some going up the stairs to the next platform. The railway station was buzzing with life. She wondered if it had been like this all the time. … Continue reading Some Inappropriate Things

A Conversation Over A Cup of Coffee

Zahir walked up to Emma. "Hey I am back! What's up? When did you return?", he noticed that A Cup of Coffee was placed between them. Emma looked up and gave a faint smile. "All good. I came yesterday.", she said softly "Hey! What's wrong? You seem dull." "I'd rather not talk about it now. … Continue reading A Conversation Over A Cup of Coffee

Never Compare Those Trees

She gaped at the tree so tall and sturdy, the stars and the lights shimmered in her eyes. The shiny colorful balls hanging, the candy canes,  the presents wrapped and left so carelessly beneath the tree, She looked at them all and her eyes widened with awe. Not for too long though, for she looked away. She stood there thinking … Continue reading Never Compare Those Trees

Day 15 -Book That I Read For School

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 15 -Book Story That I Read For School We had various books like Tom Sawyer, The Invisible Man, Malgudi Days etc. But No! I am not talking about a 'book' here. It is a short story that we had in our English, CBSE Main Course Book. It was a … Continue reading Day 15 -Book That I Read For School