Four Fictional Characters

Day 2 - Four Fictional Characters More often than not, fictional characters have a lot of impact in our lives. We look up to some, we cast aside some and some of them leave us in tough positions as to whether they are lovable or not. There have been debates about certain fictional characters and the … Continue reading Four Fictional Characters

Day 14 – Recommend A Book

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 14 - Recommend A Book The Host Warning: The first half is boring. But it is worth the wait since the later half compensates for it all. I have never heard anyone say anything about this book. I don't know anyone else who has read it. It might be … Continue reading Day 14 – Recommend A Book

Day 11 – Top Three Male Characters

30 Days Book Challenge - Day 11 - Top Three Male Characters I haven't read many books. Of the few I have read, I forgot half the stories. Some characters stay etched in your mind. These are the best I can think of. They are all hopeless romantics. Somehow I cannot think of putting any intellectuals in … Continue reading Day 11 – Top Three Male Characters

The Host – A must read!

I could feel how intensely aware she was of the hand in mine. There was an emotion slowly building in her that I didn't recognize. something on the edge of anger, with a hint of desire and a portion of despair. 'Jealousy' she enlightened me. After long, really really long, I read. No! I drank with … Continue reading The Host – A must read!