Four Likes & Four Dislikes

Likes - Magic, Silent conversation. Dislikes - Ice creams, littering... Read on to know more and join the challenge.

I Can’t Find a Title

I have been suffering from a terrible writer's block. No matter how long I sit before my laptop, I am unable to write anything. It is mostly due to lack of topics to write. After about 2 hours of looking into the screen, I decided to visit Sunday Stealing for help. You get lots of … Continue reading I Can’t Find a Title

A Spark of Inspiration

100 Happy Days - Day 56 Happiness is when someone says that you inspired them 🙂 The other day, a friend I recently met in the blogosphere told me that I had inspired him. Something in my blog helped him overcome writer's block. I felt elated to have been able to ignite a tiny spark of inspiration. … Continue reading A Spark of Inspiration